Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tagged by wendy from ohlala creations

Ihave just noticed i have been tagged by wendy at end june so here goes
5 things about me;

1)Ileft home at 17 to move to essex to do my nurse training ended up in london as senior nurse in A& E dept .until moving to suffolk.

2)Have been married since 2002 to Andy who is a network manager

3)I have 2 lovely daughters who i love to bits even if they little minks at times.

4) My first ever lotto scratch card i bought i won £1000 my god could never win the lotto jackpot i remeber walking to post office with the card in my purse guarding it with my life .since then i have only bought 2 more and have won boh times £47.00 and £10.00 not bought anymore since.

5)My most memorable thing was when i was 17 going home for my first visit since going nurse training and George cole from minder carried my suitcase up the stairs at kings cross for e i was sooooo chuffed!!!sad aint i?