Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wow...WOYWW is 150........

Well m/s Julia and fellow crafters sorry i was missing couple weeks one i was away.Well last weekl all week blogger wouldnt let me do anything playing silly B's .It was only last night i tried to upload my Tim Holtz tag for April and it ley me....Miracles will never cease .so not bee able to upload anything or my DT project which should been up last wednesday.So im here now and have to do catch up to so if you wanna grap a coffee and head for Julia's Yes it's Wednesday 150 trip around the world look at creations and craft desks wednesday addiction.So step on the magic carpet and head for crafting world.Above [piccy is over view of the desk not much going on Tims April tag for 12 tags 2012 Which i managed to load last nite if you wanna have closer peek scroll down to next post .The the Green card on key boards .i will come to thaty

in a minute but received through post yesterday Above is my desk to the right yes pushy pushy to the right ...yeah old song lots been dumped there .Half finished altered boox,ATC's for Kay new stamps and also found some new board letters where looking for wooden scrabble letters but can't find .So if anyone knows where to get them please shout .Im mean time have to use these.

Above is the card i received of Shaz in oz thanking me for her beautiful candy she won .My pleaseure hunni and next week have another bundle Timmie bits for those of you who like abit of candy.Anyway will try get round you all over next couple days if not today.Sophie not good still has been to see dr 4 times since friday.This infection just wont shift for love nor money.She is now being home tutored 2 afternoons aweek which isnt much but bettewr than nthing as she has exams coming up.

Hope your all ok and crafting ,or buying !

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