Monday, 20 February 2012

Just to say Hi im still here.......i think??

Thought i better pop by and say hi ive still not got round my bloggin friends from last Wednesdays Woyww.Add to that my craftroom is the same state it is in previous post.I have still got abcess in tooth would you believe dont go till wednesday my dentist has left.Then i had funnyturn friday night thought i had had some kind stroke right side went just as opening cooker door to get tea .Yep smash bang glass everywhere.Then did nothing saturday apart from take pain killers for tooth and rt arm.Then yesterday ended up it was my baby boy "Bobbie"(Our Westie to those who dont know) 's 2nd birthday.....Having lovely lazy day when my youngest fell down our stairs ended up in A & E ..luckily she's not broken her ankle just done the ligaments soo lucky and bruised body and ego....Then on the way back hubby driving this huge deer /stag jumped outfrom know where ..omg my heart was in my mouth to say the past few days have been nightmare im hoping now the bad luck has finished they say comes in 3's we are upto 12

So you can see why ive not had much time and of course had to sort the bank out as someone got into the account skimmed the card.Lost lot money which may not get back .Now the hassels been sorting new account and direct debits phone calls ect.So i will be back soon ive had few emails people worried as i havent been on so thankyou for your kindness and nice to know ive been missed...
love n hugs

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