Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blog Award

Well i have to thank my good friend Tracy for thinking of me when giving out this lovely award.If youve not visited Tracy's blog you must she makes some stunning items and the blog it self is fab and worth apeek!
I have to pass this onto 5 people and list 10 Honest things about yourself so before i list the people i am passing this onto i will do my list;
1.Im Married to Andy for 7 1/2yrs
2.Have 2 lovely daughters aged 12 &11yrs old
3.Live in Norfolk
4.Moved from London 2002 &wish we never had!!!
5..Left home at 17 to go into Nursing Senior Nurse A&E
6.Been Crafting for over 10yrs
7.I will do anything for anyone peopel who know me say im too kind hearted!!
8.Diagnosed in 2006 with ME/CFS &Fibro which changed my life
9.Live life take aday at atime as you just never know what is round the corner to meet you!
10.Would love all fighting to stop and our boys to return home.
Now i am passing this on to ;
You must go and let them know,also thank the person who gave you the award so off to post on Tracys blog.