Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WOYWW............Wednesday here again Snoopy day!

Good Morning WOYWWERS hope youve had a fab week since we last met.Time seems to go so fast before you know it Wham wednesday.So if you wanna be nosey.Then head over to the boss Julia's blog and see what it's all about.Sorry if iddint get to you all last week but due to having limited time on computer due to eye and headache problem.Didnt manage to get round you all.But i shall try my best this week.
Well this is how my desk was left yesterday.I have 3 projects on the go at the minute.As you can see the images on my desk are those gorgeous "Simply Adorable "digi images "by Sugar nellie available from funky kits.These live up to there name and so adorable .Theres one i did for my DT card HERE.
If youd like to take apeek.
Now in this piccy there's a couple of Alice in Wonderland ATC's ive made for a swap.In my Woyww stand whihc gets used every day thanks Julia is a card i am uploading today for friday sketches challenge.Next to them is a Roundie whihc is simlar concept to ATC except it's a 4"1/4 round circle.Just do what you do on an ATC basically but on a roundie more space to work with.
I have had to cover up another dt card the blue red one whihc ive hidden by the red &blue pearls on top.
So bit of a messy desk but looks creative so not too bothered been alot messier ,mind should see the floor
Now i need your help girlies and your creative ideas .Hubby got set of flavoured syrups for crimbo box 5 actually or maybe 6 .But i just think seems a shame to through the bottles out.Yes i know im a have you creative girlies got any ideas what i could do with them??
Please tell just they are so cute to nice just to through away.Cant wait to hear your ideas!
Here they are well 2 of them!They are minature about 5" tall...whihc is dinky to me!
This weerk over at my sister blog we are celebrating our birthday.Now i would love you Woywwers to join in you can enter this weeks challenge or just do blog hop and add the banner on side bar .Theres over 12 Sponsored prizes so 12 winners and plenty of candy on dt blogs i have some too so go check it out here
I received these beautiful blog awards from the lovely Vikki over at A Little Inking.Her blog is amazing so go take alook!Now you have to pass it onto 5 bloggers.Well i thought id be different and give it to all the Wonderful Woywwers this morning.As all your blogs are stylish and have attitude too.So please id be honoured if youd take them and then pass them on to 5 bloggers.(You must tell 8 things about yourself that we already dont know).In appreciation of all your lovely comments and get well wishes ive received over past few weeks.

Well thats it for this week i can hear you say bought time rambling
Have a fab week and will try get round you all even if it takes me a week!
love n hugs