Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Woyww........Craftroom Nearly Done!

"Warning Long Post Clean n Tidy Craftroom" Good Morning Woyyers well have i got a snoop for you! If you have no idea what im on about and would like to find out maybe youd like to snoop other peoples craft desks .Then pop along here to Julia's Blog ...the boss of this crafters craze you never know may just join in.
Everytime im in here i have my wee boy either by the french doors or underneath my craft desk.Bobbie 's face says it all this was taken when i was in the middle of the clearout.I thought i would show you as my wee "Bobbie" will be 1 year old on Saturday,gosh how time flies from the little white fur ball that st in my hand!To a handsome chappie!

The above piccy shows my desk this wednesday morning the finished tag next to my circuit i created yesterdayHavent even put the tim holtz stamps away sat on desk rt hand side.Of course the cup a coffee...We all need Caffeen in the morning.The Teddy sat on table is a candle.actually candles both sides of the table.Now before you get any further down the page WARNING......
Craftroom is nearly done.....yipeeeeeeeee so i thought id show you my new room my new storage if you remember last week the mess how could you forget.Well all out of sight and away.So here goes this is the bottom of my craft desk showing smaller table with Wire racks on .On top of that my jars with prima flowers.Underneath the desk just peeping out is my stereo,and cd's.

Heres better piccy further onshowing one set of my new draws.On the top is a box im altering heart shaped .The case and round tube are awaiting to be altered the case is sophie's to alter.Thats once the Dr's find out whats wrong and she's feeling abit better.Not going into too much detail but Sophie still unwell dr's baffled yesterday poor lass had to go for more blood tests.Awaiting phone call from a consultant at th hospital.But we are no nearer to getting diagnosis.I wont ramble on as makes me so angry and my blood boil so we shall get back to my craftroom!

Now this piccy is down the rt handside wall of my craft room.I have managed to have 3 large storage boxes and on the end 12x12 trolley of papers and 12x12 card .theres still we gap before the door.The display you can see are creations i made .Cant show too close as couple things forth coming dt creations.The big book you can see leaning against the wall is an altered England World cup folder that boys collect foot ball cards in.Well the pages are just the right size for ATC's to fit in plastic sleeve and bargain at £1.50 loads papers found in all good newsagents.I have painted and decorated the front with paints.I will show you a close up another day.

This is better piccy showing you the 3 trolleys and my 12x12 paper trolley which has my carousel on and infront of that my big shot With some Tim Holtz configuration boxes on it.
I have deceided when tydying up that everything is out of sight bar these two they will sit at the other end to my creative display.Now it's just remembering where i put learning .Now i can see my lovely mahogony wood
So what ya think girlies was it worth the wait after last weeks
Over the next few weeks i will show you waht ive got in my storgae draws.I can say i found things i had forgot id like a woodware craft mat!heres me been using and buying the stampin up pads.
Anyway seen ive done a good job well i think so i treated myself to some new bits and pieces well as a reward say for getting it
Now here's the good thing i bought some extra bits call it Tim Holtz moment of madness .As i thought give you all some candy .To thankyou for all your lovely comments on my messwy Work space last week.Wheres the piccy you ask battery diesd in camera .So please pop back and add your name to Mr linky for chance to win.I will make new post as it will stay at the top of blog until the end.
Now thankyou again for all those lovely messages last week managed to get round most of you last week couple couldnt get into but hey ho will try again today.
Have fab wednesday,for all those with kiddie winkles have fab half term ...yes half term already just seem to have returned after christmas where does the time go...Oh yes spent at the drs thats why feb has gone so!
Spring will be soon in the air my snowdrops like a lovely white xoating along my boarder just need some decent weather to go with them!
Take care keep safe,get well wishes to all who are not 100%
love n hugs

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