Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Good Morning all you WOYWW 59!Now if youve not got any idea what this is all about well check out Julia's Blog Here.To find out how you can join in with us Nosey creative crafters!!!
Well this morning im not here so hopefully this should upload it self.No not on holiday although if you call NHS Hospital a holiday well is the last piccy of my desk now you may have seen some of these images coloured on my desk last week.Well happy to say my mojo returned and at last they have been created into cards.So i thought id show you my desk as it stands now .This was the last time i was at it!If you scroll down to previous 2 post you will see the tilda and winter wishes card in more detail.

Neat Desk dont ya think??
Yeah it is but you aint seen the floor or the chair next to
And dont want to ,i will prob regret it by time im back....
Anyways we still havent had any rain in Norfolk we are so desperate all these places having heavy rain ,storms ect you dont know how lucky you
Well have fab wedensday i will come pop by all at the weekend all things being well.Take care stay safe and happy creative crafting!
love n hugs

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