Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WOYWW.....81...Merry Christmas...

Good Morning Woywwers well not much longer for the man in the big suit to you want to have good old nosey and wonder what is WOYWW then go find out from the lovely Julia's Blog here.Why not spend your Wednesday having peek at all those WOYWW ERS and see what theyve been upto.So why not get cuppa or stiff drink as it's ctrimbo and see whats been happening in my little world this week!Believe me you wont believe what ive gotta tell you.Abit like Day - Javoo(think spelt that here goes.....
Not bit prepared for Crimbo really as since i came a noseing last week We have had are oil pinched again !!!!Last thursday early hours friday next door got burguled also found out on that day.But thats bit fishy as they used a key??.Anyways i have finally deceided that i aint filling up before christmas as going to dads dont want these scummy Theifs to think they can come and pinch again.So i have had to pay out to get my oil AGAIN not funny before christmas and 2nd time .What annoys me is when we last had pinched cost me £489.20 to fill tank now as the cold weather and being Crimbo it cost me £698.23p exactly !.How can these peeps increase the price just because bad weather and Christmas. On top of that paid out £145.00 to get 3 huge special locks for the oil tank from specialist firm As the lock i bought they have broken again. Im just sick to death they must think easy touch lets go pinch Judes oil.So when i arrive back hopefully before my oil turns up the locks do to.So Guess what Santa got Me for litres of oil TWICE and some locks.....Good thing is im claiming on insurance..yes loose no claims but what the hell it's Christmas!!
So the house is freezing and now to top it all the boilers playing up hoping because of the -10 temps weve had passed week just bit cold(That started yesterday think it must av over heard me booking it's service for )weve had wonder we have missed all the snow as too bleeding cold!
Anyways enough of the depressing news oh before i go guess who through the lottorey ticket away and we'd won...yes MWAH i said we had won...well not the biggie thankgod £76 was bad enough!After daughters searching through rubbish they finally gave up bless em.Think they thought id won the biggie...Phew thankgod i didnt!lol
Now onto todays WOYWW nice talk ....Oh i have some nioce talk and few thankyous to make.This past 2 weeks ive won 4 lots candy ....yipeee there is someone who likes me
First of all Big thanks to Bleubeard and Elizabeth for the lovely comment on my card ,plus she wants to show you all ,as im blog pick for today!Big ((((hugs ))) and thankyous for choosing my blog as pick of the day.Happy Craftying with your win of goodies and oh my cant beleive how quick you got em.See Royal mail not totaly hopeless,must been good
Now then what canyou see on my desk this morning??

Well my next huge thankyou goes to Twiglet and Wispo after winning their candy and the beautiful Brooch was awaiting for me last night when i got back.After my daughters arguing over who was having it Mum settled that straightaway....It is absolutley stunning piccys dont show you how stunning it is im going to be wearing on crimbo day...that shows you who the card they sent is on my desk soooo cute we crimbo tree near the candle.So thanks so much Girls.So there is someone up there who still feels im a good girl and deserves some can also see my other 2 lots of Candy sat on the desk yes ive now won an ATG Gun well cant wait to play OMG thats when i can learn to put the tape i won the candy over at Toodles and Binks Blog and yesterday this beautiful set of stamps arrived (see below for bigger piccy)Thankyou so much itching to play but gonna have to be when i return im afraid. You can also see a card i finished yesterday behind the candle drying.Some images coloured ready for after christmas.I have actually made Thankyou cards for the girls to send after crimbo ,and got few New Year Cards made and in post silly old me forgot to take photo of them.

You can just see ATG sat in rt corner on after spending time trying to feed the roll still not happened shall try later today when im calmer.That beautiful brooch again and behind that popping out a wee get well image all coloured awaiting to be created into a card.
So bit messy desk today but messy in a good way with loads candy on ....I still waiting for a parcel i won load of stuff from sarah who had candy over at Creative Craft World...thats another load goodies to look forward too.
Well thats about it i was going to show you my lovely stampin up goodies but by time we got back from Costco last night had cuppa round friends i hadnt the energy to open the box,as i type still sitting on the floor looking at me, awaitng to be opened and used.
Thankyou for all your get well messages about my Katie Price "Boobie"lol ,well still not good .Now on 3rd Anti-b since Monday,yesterday had to go have bloods taken....Bit of a VAMPIRE that nurse was by state of arm this morning.Dr has now referred me to surgeons as Dr isnt happy with my abcess boobie.So thats something to look forward to in 2011!
Well i managed to get through you all last week except the odd couple that saw me coming and wouldnt let me post.I will try my best this week.If i dont i want to wish you all
A Verry Happy Christmas And A Happy ,Healthy,CRAFTY New Year!
Thankyou to each and everyone of my blogger Friends who have taken time out to visit this past year.One last thing dont forget about my surprise Candy open until 6th January Here.Thats when i turn 21!!!lol well one can wish.....what else can i dream about ...finding my oil maybe or even my winning lotto ticket...gosh brain fog is certainly creeping up on me fast !
On that note i shall say have fab Crimbo eat be merry and be safe! Update 6am snowing fast cottonwool balls!!!
Love n hugs

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