Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Cuties

Well im so glad ive not been out the past few days as the weather here in the UK has been servere gales 75mph and heavy and i mean heavy when it rains here it chucks it down!!!lol. Alot of Places have flooded as a result of this.
Just popped by to say hi ,sorry for not posting sooner but have had a servere reaction to the swine flu jab and at the weekend suffered and ended up in Emergency .I have to say after we all got a huge scare at the weekend ,i am feeling alittle better still have to take it easy.Havent done much crafting the last week just not been well enough,these are some of the cards i made last thursday before having the dreaded jab!I must say have fallen in love with this Kraft card (SU)These are for my Alzhiemers Bazaar which is slowly creeping up ! .hope your all well and dont forget to enter the weekly candy above for a chance to win loads new craft items .Changes every Monday this monday coming i have got a wee Sugar Nelllie stamp for you .....Whey hey pop back then to see which one!!!
have great day hugs judex