Sunday, 30 November 2008

Morning Sunday

Good Morning hope your all having fab weekend .I have been very busy trying to get all my cards for christmas done completed so i can start to write them.
Ihadnt intended to blogg today but have just been on CA and thanks to my mate Ann she's come across this wonderful blogg for all scrapbookers and fimo makers.I have just spent over half anhour looking at this wonderful blog called "Mad imaginations" thanks maddy Heres the link and im sure you will just love it and you have chance to win the earrings she's made!Hope the rest weekend is fab !Dont forget if youve not got your name down for my blog candy still time.Happy sunday

Thursday, 27 November 2008


This is the Blog Candy thats up for grabs!
Well ive 3000 hits so i thought another blog candy.This time of year were getting ready for christmas busy crafting and all monies going to christmas present So this is your chance to grab a wee prezzie for your self.

All you have to do is put link to this blog on your blog advertising the fact theres candy up for grabs.Leave your name on this post so you can all have a chance of winning.You have to enter by 10th DECEMBER to be in with a chance to win....this will close at midnight gmt.
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Good Luck !So remember you have to be in it to win it!
Well im going to try and finish my christmas shopping this weekend weather permitting,after last weeks failed attempt if theres a flake of snow i aint saturday evening going to friends for thanksgiving celebrations.
Sunday all being well with the weather have to pop up to London to visit family friend who celebrates her 60th birthday on the 6th Dec,if i look as good as her when i reach 60 boy i will be soooo happy!In between all that i must try do abit more crafting and finish my cards,as some have to be shipped by 10th.
Before i go id like to wish everyone a Happy "THANKSGIVING" to all who celebrate ,hope you have great day ,and enjoy your "Black Friday"hope you get some bargains!
love judex

Sunday, 23 November 2008

What a weekend Snow Snow & more Snow

These are the cards i
made on friday for the
men for xmas.!
Well i had the great intention yesterday to finish my christmas shopping.So off we went very cold ,got 5 mins away yes you guessed it the white flakes started to fall,fall.fall,fall,omg i have never seen so much snow in my life in such ashort space of time.the journey that normally takes us 20 mins took 2hrs 30mins we couldnt see where we were going,couldnt see the white lines no cats eyes and well for dual carriage way no body was in the fast that must be a first!I have never been so scared the snow was thick white cotton wool balls the wind was just blowing making it a blizzard condition.I felt for o/h he was driving i was sat heart in me mouth i surpose you could say,the girls well they thought it was fantastic,at every junction ,slip road you just couldnt see what wa the dual and which road was slip road.Luckily a car was in front for 30 mins of journey so we followed,up until inconsiderate i thought they turned off .We got to destination ,had toilet,got bread,milk,acouple drinks ,didnt stay as looked like wed never get back .O/h wanted to get back incase we got stuck well thankgood after another 2hr 45mins journey home we arrived safe and sound .We havent stopped talking about it today it was unbelieveable the way it just happened so quick.

This morning awoke and about 10am it happened again thankgod i was in the house with in 15-20 mins we had heavy snow just came so quicky within that time had another load snow so girls in there element!im hoping by time we wake up monday morning it will have rained and gone,hence to say my girls are wishing for more to fall and school to be don't think so!

So my good intentions to finish my christmas shopping werent to be!

So i have been spending my day today crafting getting orders complete .
keep safe and warm

Monday, 17 November 2008

Cold Frosty Monday Morning

These are just afew i made on friday evening ,before starting to clearout craft room.

below pink black tag card ,above somemore forever friends.hope you like

Well good morning fellow crafters.Awoke this am to white outside first off thought it snowed....i wish lol,but no just thick white frost here on Norfolk/Suffolk border.So it's a little parky to say the least .

Wellsaturday i started to clear out the craft room and really in the mood that was until unexpected visitors arrived...Now have to finish it off get sorted before wednesday.As having craft day with friends as having stall at a fair on 6th December.At the moment cant get in as boxes everywherebags rubbish ,but did manage to find bits id forgot i had,so never know might just unearth more crafty goods id forgotten about .Maybe a nope didnt have one to start with lol.

Secondly must remember theres some lovely BLOG CANDY UP FOR GRABS until 17thNovember so get in fast . At pink gem designs they have some great new stamps and are offering 2 in this mini blogg candy.While your there take alook at the blogg they have soooooo many cute stamps.

I did find time to do a few more cards for xmas still got long way to go before i finish my personnel xmas cards but hopefully get there.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Some more of my crafting creations

The vintage girl was i think from some freebies from magazine. The westie and post box well these stamps are from CLAIRES and are adorable .(not from the claires my daughters can't go past without going but take alook you will fall in love and reasonably priced too.

The pudding one i adore such easy simple card well for me at the time........

These are some of the cards ive been making and entering.When i eventually founs some energy after my recent illness i found i had crafters block!!!I found at first started with some quickie cards.these precious moments i just adore.

Ive won some blogg candy

Oh my ive won 2 awards and to top it all ive won some lovely blogg candy from Olga please check out her blogg it's worth alook at some of her lovely creative ideas.
thanks again,can't wait to use .

Well im gobsmacked!!!

Well i have found out today i have won 2 awards ....well the first was from Maxine thankyou Maxine

1. The winner may put this award on their blog

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so the people ive choosen to receive this award are.


Monday, 3 November 2008

Pop over and see these stamps

To where they are giving away some great blogg candy !!!youve only got aweek to add your name ,as each week is different .This week is James & Holly don't delay pop over today!!

Great start to the week

Sophie got ready for school this am to be told when she got to bus stop.No School as they have burst water main!So my youngest wanted day off i give her 10/10 for trying !
Well we live in a village and i hate it ever since ive been ill the rumours and thing said to my girls just unbelieveable which i hate as i know they wouldnt say to my face.Just now waving of chloe as she goes to school happy as her sister is taking her ,due to her not being in today.The lady across the road i heard say i loud voice oh she cant be bothered to get dressed take her daughter to school again so lazy!!!I had to hold myself back from having ago as the girls where there .they have enough to put up with me being ill yes i surpose does look like im lazy but they do know why just ignorante and if they new the effects it has on your life maybe a bit more sympathetic.But themn she hasnt got a life so she has to interfere in everyone elses in the village !
CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia has different ways that it effects peoples life's, eveyone is different. I suffer from chronic widespread pain, Migraine, Irritable bladder, depression,unable to control body temperature ,hot flushes, short term and long term memory loss this is what i call "BRAIN FOG", weakness in limbs,frequent falls due to joints give way.I also fall asleep at the drop of a hat many times put toast in fell sleep woke to alarm going off ,or dropped coffee on me as gone with cup in hand.

CFS/ME Fatigue at the moment i sleep 20 hrs aday less than i did acouple weeks ago ,unfortunately i had some medication which made me stay awake ,but had to give up as the side effects were serious and Papworth wouldn't let me carry on .So im back to where i was in 2006 when diagnosed.I am pacing myself as this is what has been advised by julia who looks after me at my Me clinic.Which is hard as i was taking it easy during the week saving myself for weekend to spend with the family. As that's one thing i get depressed about my girls and o/h as it must be hard on them.But no i was doing it wrong as they say i was "boom & bust"So with the help of them i am hopefully getting into routine and slowly getting there.
So it's not an easy life to live especially when i was very active senior nurse in A&E,and always on the go.But doesnt help when you have people making remarks to my children or infront of them loud enough for them to hear! Expressing their views,As it does upset the girls ,and they do a wonderfull job as my carers as well as my husband without them my life will be even harder.When i hear people comment on something they don't no anything about it annoys me .!
So i think people who dont know anything about my illness should keep there mouth shut!keep there views to there self!!!
Sorry but this does get my back up as if i don't suffer enough guilt!so if i am in my pj's ,or sleeping in the day there's obvious reason for it !!!1sorry it has really got my back up and annoyed me ,how i bit my tongue i will never know,but wouldnt but my girls through that anytime not just before school.I will see her when she leasts expect it!!1
Well Monday can only get better.


" Let It Snow" Album Back Page of Album

flap lifts up on this page to reveal place for photo.

Vellum envelope to hold tags & journalling (above photo)
Photo to right is front cover of album showing extra pages and tags that are included.

Well rather damp , dissmel although can see peek blue sky on this monday morning when my girls return to school after having week off(yeha!)I hope you all had good weekend and great Halloween ,we were up and down like yo yo's 30 callers later finally at 8.45pm that was it,we have now got more sweets than tesco's have on the
This week i plan to get some more catch up time to finish some of my cards and albums i had started few weeks ago.I have at last finished the "Let It Snow Album "which doesnt look too bad.Hope you all like it would love your comments on this.
Yesterday started some painting images for cards with those lovely cosmic shimmers i have fell in love with them shall add once ive finished the cards.
Happy Monday hopefully you will all have great week and stress free.
thanks for looking .Blogg candy coming soon so keep watch as my blogg has gone past 2500 views.
Thanks to everyone for all your lovely comments and if you pass by say hi love to know where your from?