Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WOYWW.........Lush Crafty goodies

Morning all welcome to another Wednesday time to sit back travel the world and snoop other peeps crafty desks .All from your own chair yes it's time for another Woyww with are lovely Julia so pop on over and join in.

Last week well totaly flew by and missed it !yes i missed my first Woyww slap wrists,but it was spent with my daughter at the hospital visiting the consultant ,As many of you know she's been ill with this bug since dec 2011.Well it comes down to it that the GPdidnt treat her with the right antibiotics in the first place to kill the bug.If she had then it would have more than likely saved all this trouble and her missing school.So we are on the forst course of 2 weeks antibiotics then have break for week then a further two.Carry on until iot is gone but will take time as it has travelled round into her muscles and her kidneys so wait and see game.

So this weeks desk is above in piccy working on DT project,haven done too much on it as ive been enjoying the sun and planting me veggies!so glorious and hot n sunny mind how long for you can never tell in the uk.
so thought id show you waht has arrived in post last week.Below you will see the wee book ive been waitng for signed by the man himself!lol

Then more lush goodies had bit of a spend well girls gotta treat herself once in a

some prima nits they were on sale and my indigo blue stamps,and oxford impressions stamps too!
Then bottom piccy some more stamps imdigo blue ,TimHoltz goodies
So just now ready for weatehr changes so i can craft!lol

So is his royal highness my wee lad Bobbie just had his short and curleys chopped ready for spring .Dont he just look a handsome boy just turned 2 as well.

Well have fab wednesday make the most of the weather have great week.Will try get round you all as i missed last week think i jumped from tuesday to thursday without knowing till sat..lolLove n hugs

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