Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WOYWW............Wednesday Messy Desk

Welcome to WOYWW well cant believe wednesday has come round again. At Work we call this Hump day...once past this weekend is if youve got nothing better to do why not have a snoop around some lovely crafty blogs.To do this go to the bosses blog Ms Julia.
It all takes off from there!
Thankyou all who took time to leave messages and ideas what i should do with the wee bottles.Still unsure but not getting rid yet!
Sorry if i didn't make your blog last week ,Past couple of weeks eye has been playing up. Still waiting for hospital to let me know when my tests are,and waiting and
I will try my best to get round you all in next few days.

Messy Desk Messy Craftroom
Well messy desk so much going on this week i had the fab ida to clear out my craft room.Yep you heard im going to get organised!On my desk our some cards finsished,some digi images printed off awaitng some attention.Whilst clearing out found my lovely pink green scissors now theyve been missing months .Boy i also found a magazine going back to Christmas 2006 creativity one...omg the stuff ive found and thrown not even half way through.
The piccy below shows you my table next to mt craft table have got to sort through flowers and put with others in the jars (£1 bargain ecah from tescos)these jars are fab for holding flowers and colour co-ordinated too!so getting organised.The box of flowers i need to sort and put away in the appropriate jars. My punches ive just left there for now given them a well earned .Now My storage i keep card ,paper pads as well as odd sheets.this certainly needs my attention.On the table our 2 baskets bottom basket full various sized envelopes think i have more than staples.The top basket these are pro to types of items ive made from templates whihc i keep.Small plastic draws are full of stamped images whihc ive recently done and sorted out .ones need colouring ones already coloured ect.So not done too bad.On the floor inbetween my big craft table and small is my sewing m,achine thats prob been out the box twice,so that had well deserved dust too!I keep telling my self need to dust!Few tins and boxes to alter plus my prima white flowers which i used to colour myself with copics ,glimmer mists ect.
Cant show you the floor or behind my chair as well absolutely disgusting that is todays job.So you will have to pop back next week you never know mya have just sorted everything else!
I am terrible for hoarding things such as boxes ,jars,tins think oh alter that ,oh might use that...yeah when 2020!such a hoarder is it just me i ask you this week or am i not alone . Are you a secret Millionaire meant to say secret hoarder??
Well let me know what you hoard!Have fab wednesday until next week
Take care keep safe and get well wishes and hugs to all who are poorly.
Love n Hugs

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