Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fantastic inspirational blog

I have come across this blog a few days agao and i was well amazed at the stunning inspirational creative projects this lady does.They are amazing .I would highly recommend you check this blog out. your there she has the most beautiful blog candy on offer,so why not kill two birds with one stone as they say check em out at the same time .The candy runs until 26th April the blog hopefully carries on for along time!
enjoy!see the blog candy piccy in my candy jar

I also found whilst in blog land this stunning blog by designer Gina k designs ,You have everything here .The projects she does are so easy to follow and stunning.go take alook you wont be disappointed.She also has ablog. from there you can locate her blog and her shop.Enjoy but make a cuppa before watching either blogs in this post as you will be there a while on both!
hugs judex