Wednesday, 14 July 2010

WOYWW.....58......Wednesday Again!

Good Morning all you WOYWW bloggers.Well it's been a hot humid old week,still i keep praying for rain...lolMy grass is brown and my veggies need awatering from above and not a
Well if youve popped by for a nosey your at the right place if you havent got an iota about what im talking about then pop over to Julia's Blog Here and see what it's all about!im sure if you try you will be hooked! .Well been a no mojo week until Monday i think it's starting to return .Although i have a messy desk this morning must apologise as was in rush as finishing card so i could pop in box on way to Hospital opd this am.I am well into Crimbo cards at the moment yes you heard right!!!lol
Nothing like starting early ,well i have a swap going on need to make 8 crimbo cards to send to 4 swap partners only 4 more to go...But my mojo hasnt come back completely but i do think awee breeze helped on Monday althought still sticky and humid.Few stamped images coloured and some not coloured ,the card to the rt finished thats the one going in post this morning.
To the far back you can see im in the making of doing a box card maybe you can see tilda through it that needs completing,also laying flat i have agift card in the making too.
Above to cards are ones im posting off today. Below This is to remind me i have to make call to drs at 8am before i
go thats the phone and my big black book.
Oh my yes must mention my daughter just made me a cuppa coffee!!
in her mug must be honoured...... or mine needs washing up and shes too darn lazy more like!Not complaining wet and warm full of caffeine!!just what dr ordered...
Ive just realised theres dt card in back ground didnt realise that was sitting there in my proud WOYWW Easel thanks again Julia the past 4 weeks it's had none stop use!

Thats all girls not much exciting few bits and pieces .I do note that from looking at photos of my desk every week i always have more than one thing in the malking all the time.Is this just me am i alone or do others have several projects on th go at any one given time.!
Well have lovely wednesday please all pray for Rain in norfolk keep saying past 2 days we should be getting some but not a zero drop has dripped.
thanks for all your lovely comments to appreciate it and will get round you all on my return from the ozzy,Have fab Wednesday
love n hugs

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