Sunday, 23 November 2008

What a weekend Snow Snow & more Snow

These are the cards i
made on friday for the
men for xmas.!
Well i had the great intention yesterday to finish my christmas shopping.So off we went very cold ,got 5 mins away yes you guessed it the white flakes started to fall,fall.fall,fall,omg i have never seen so much snow in my life in such ashort space of time.the journey that normally takes us 20 mins took 2hrs 30mins we couldnt see where we were going,couldnt see the white lines no cats eyes and well for dual carriage way no body was in the fast that must be a first!I have never been so scared the snow was thick white cotton wool balls the wind was just blowing making it a blizzard condition.I felt for o/h he was driving i was sat heart in me mouth i surpose you could say,the girls well they thought it was fantastic,at every junction ,slip road you just couldnt see what wa the dual and which road was slip road.Luckily a car was in front for 30 mins of journey so we followed,up until inconsiderate i thought they turned off .We got to destination ,had toilet,got bread,milk,acouple drinks ,didnt stay as looked like wed never get back .O/h wanted to get back incase we got stuck well thankgood after another 2hr 45mins journey home we arrived safe and sound .We havent stopped talking about it today it was unbelieveable the way it just happened so quick.

This morning awoke and about 10am it happened again thankgod i was in the house with in 15-20 mins we had heavy snow just came so quicky within that time had another load snow so girls in there element!im hoping by time we wake up monday morning it will have rained and gone,hence to say my girls are wishing for more to fall and school to be don't think so!

So my good intentions to finish my christmas shopping werent to be!

So i have been spending my day today crafting getting orders complete .
keep safe and warm