Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Good Morning all you lovely woywwers hope youve had a good week.Welcome to another woyww last Wednesday of January Where does time go!Girls wil be on half term soon!Anyway this where we all go around the world snooping at craftyness.If you'd like to join in pop by Julia's blog and join in the wednesday ritual.

Thankyou agaion for all the lovely kind messages youve sent Sophie and especially to Annie she was over the moon with the card and cute teddy ,never seen anythinglike that before.Still not well we are waitning on the bloods to come back hopefully today,so may be we shall no more,can't afored her too loose naymore weight as shes look thin ,and grey.Had the papers from the council and health board as they were informed straight away!Well new years not got of to great start as l;ast week and im still sorting out our bank are card was skimmed and lost alot of money.What annoys me is thr bank has told us they have gone into our account all hours of day and night various times took money out .They where a company apparently bet when looked into it registered at empty pizza resturant somewhere in London!!!!So im unsure wether we will get anything back!But just been a nightmare getting to call and change debit card /bank details .Thankgoodness bank did most of the transferring.So thats been my week.So nothing much done in the crafty area.Yesterday managed to start a tag for Hels Sunday stampers hoping i find time to complete ,and last weeks project still on the desk untouched!

Now i have to say got around most of you last week the ones who didnt get message just wouldnt let me leave one again so i expect that would be blogger playing up once again.

Above is the tag i started and afew charms and bits ready for going onto it.In the background last weeks project not much further forward.

Below is my Tim Holtz case i am trying to fill and get organized this is on the floor to the right of me.I shall try and get round you just hope blogger isnt having one of those days he seems to be having far too many lately!

Have fab wednesday and creative week until we meet next week whihc will be 1st Feb .Time just seems to fly and still no snow!:( Just remembered for all who wanted to know where i got my steampunk images from here's the link:

Love n hugs

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