Saturday, 7 February 2009

What A Week!!!

Snow,SNOW and more Snow....thats the week here sick sight of the white stuff.What amazes me britain we should be a shamed at the way we have dealt with the appearence of snow .What happens yes you got it we come to a stand still and hey presto were now told running out of grit!!!Well so much for the weather predicting a bad winter months ago ,plenty of warning but nope we just plod along .Im sure places like Switerland ,Russia even America HAVING RIGHT GOOD LAUGH !have to say i am too...lolWe are Pathertic!moan over.
Well not done any crafting as my faithful right hand is out of order i have tendonitis and boy is it painful,but also have to go A&E as think i may have got fracture also after last fall.But finding it hard amazing how much you miss something that you take for granted,if you could see me one finger typing and left hand at that feels very strange. So have done not a bit of crafting this week even though have few things to get done asap,have an album to upload later which is a friendship Paper Bag Album swap on the trimmie forum.
Oh nearly forgot before i go one more thing.
Only couple of days to get those cards uploaded to challenge site for achance to win some yummy go over take alook as creative inspirations blog .
Have good weekend keep warm and enjoy the snow if your not fed up with it!
stay safe love judex