Thursday, 11 December 2008


A big "THANKYOU"to all you lovely bloggers who have popped by to enter .At this present time i have been unwell since early hours sunday ,i started with cold on saturday again!!Well this time it has had ahuge kick back on my ME/CFS & FIBRO.I have been laid up on the sofa as havent the energy to get up the stairs and im sleeping 18hrs in the day.My body aches so much im not sure which part hurts the most.So it's not good thats why ive not been around much the past few days.I will however get my daughters to choose aname out of the hat this evening,I will pop back tomorrow or later tonite if i can find the energyand im not sleeping and will announce the winner.
I could so do without this at the moment am not prepared for xmas havent got all my cards done or shopping, cant keep warm having to wear sun glasses as the light is so hurting my eyes.To top it all so much for doing some of my shopping early decided to give gift cards to 5 of the children we buy for you guessed bought them for woolworths as thought more selection.This morning before Andy went to work resalised that we have to get down to woolworths very fast as the gift cards will be no use once they have closed!!!As they have gone into receivership as there debit is huge,so 50%off sale starts today then the shops start to close.So now i have this worry on my shoulders.Never mind these things come to try us .Ive gotta go as im in so much pain just typing whilst sat on sofa.
Hope your all feeling better than i am!love judex