Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Woyww ....Tags with birdcages...

Morning welcome to WOYWW this week .Well i havent been doing much .Apart from trying to catalogue my free stamps from craft sramper and ones sent from craftyindividuals.This way i hope to get to use them more often and know what types ive got.So im just stamped them onto card for the moment and am making folder to put them in.

Well if you want to wander around the world looking at desks then please pop over Julia's blog and join in.

Im afraid my comp crashed in high winds and loss of have added this to flash drive got them to upload for me .As i wanted to show off the Birdcage tags swap that Frankie set up .Big thanks to Frankie!

I am also suffering with my other eye and think have optic neurisis in that eye again so off to docs by the time you read this.Another good thing why i havent got comp that would make my eyes worse.

This is the tag that ive sent to my partner for

Frankies Swap

Close up of the textured card also my wee bottle bird feed

This is the beautiful Birdcage tag i received from the lovely Jen .

Thankyou so much it's gorgeous and will have to pin on my craftroom pin board .Shows off all other crafty creations sent to me or created by me.

Now this Birdcage and the swirl at the top i havent stopped stroking it.

Sad aint it!the feel is well lush .please Jen you must let me know how you got that smooth lush


Sorry short hopefully back to normality soon.

Take care have fab wednesday
Hugs and thanks for uploading your a gem!

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