Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WOYWW....95.....Not my Mojo thats for sure

Good morning Gosh where does the time go?Nearly into April and not yet started my Easter creations.Thats because my mojo isnt back to it's self if at if you fancy snooping around at eveyone elses desks see what there mojo has been upto .then pop along to the boss and visit her and join in over at the Stamping Ground .

Well i did my best getting round most of you last week wether through comments as mr linky went AWOL for while so may have commented twice on a couple.Thanks for all the kind messages.

Well since last week nothing much happened in the craftroom mojo hasnt returned to me .I did create the front cover for my CJ Circle those who dont know this is a journal you do a two page spread ours was a 6x6 album. Once youve done your 2 pages you have time scale .You then post on to next person i think there were 8 people in our group and 7months down the line you get it back.Well after the big clear out i had i found it coverless since i had it returned in 2008.So i have messed about abit each day doing the front cover took me 5days!!!usually have stack stuff done in that time but hey hoe im sure it will return when it's ready.Doesnt help when ive lost use my left arm!

So first of all im going to show you my CJ cover if you want to see more it's Here

Now this is my messy desk this wednesday morning.

I have various things out im trying anything and everything to get my mojo back.

I have 3 tags to make for April swap so had ago at those yesterday gave up went away will return this morning to see how i get on.

On the left of the above piccy is my otherside of my desk again some T/Holtz stamps out .

Distress inks ,card i inked sometime ago.Plus an image ready to do something with. This piccy isto the right of my desk yes the push everything to the rightside .Here we have some wee books im altering well started before my mojo went,altered match box needs finishing. A frame ready to gesso if i cant do anything else i can always cover that! So not much going on a variety of stuff to try and get my mojo working.I have even tried colouring images in as sometimes that works...nope. I think with the pain and heaviness in my left arm ,i just find it hard to do much and there fore mojo gone!Still i may get inspired when i pop by and visit you all this morning and it may just return....fingers crossed. Just last reminder my Mega Tim Holtz candy ends 31st so only couple days to enter if you havent already then pop by HERE.The winner or maybe winners will be announced on 1st April;...April fools day ummmm........ Anyway have creative wednesday Love n hugs

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