Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW 142...........A mess

Morning all welcome to another Wednesday and gosh we shall soon be into March.Anyways it's snoop snoop time so get yourself over to Julia's blog and join in!I first apologise if i didnt get round to you and for the first time since joining this few years now .It 's the first time ive not got to you all so im so sorry .But life has been pure crap for me since Dec27th when my daughter fell illl,and now been referred at last to the consultant at the hospital.They say things come in 3's but i think since beginning of jan we seem to be having run bad luck now upto 12's

My desk and craftroom pretty much the same as last week ....yes if you wondering why see post below.....Im off to the dentist today so i will be away this morning but i will try get round you all even if it takes me to next

I still have my abcess this is first opd ive been able to make so have been rough and pill popping since last wed!!!Now top it all my Darling youngest daughter has passed her cold onto me which has triggered my ME off in an acute satge......I keep telling her i love you but you needn't share everything with

Well i had to cheer myself up and yes yesterday my hero Sir Tim just did that not that my bank account would agree but well just had too .Agirl needs cheer up after so much bad luck ..Sont ya agree????Im sure i wasnt the only one to have a wee spend ..come on own up!!!

As you see same pretty much as last weeks desk just havent had time or inclination to do a thing.Maybe this week things settle down i hope and you will be amazed at the transformation!...yeah we shall see. thankyou to all messages received and emails nice to know ive been missed means a lot and your thoughtful words.

Have creative wednesday and happy Woyww142

Love n hugs

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