Sunday, 1 November 2009

Alzheimers Run Up To Christmas Weekly Candy

Well im back for time being but may have to drop everything and go.But in the meantime i am replenishing my card stock and crafts for the fund raising bazaars i have ahead of me .Thats after doing the unpacking,washing getting girls sorted to go back to gets in the way
Tomorrow i will reveal the winner of my "Alzehimers Candy"and have some great news for you .
I was planning on doing 12days chrsitmas alzehimers Candy i have decided that starting tomorrow I shall be giving away Some scrummy Candy every week until Christmas ...WHEY....So be sure to pop back tomorrow for the results of the mega candy.
The Start of the ;


Starts tomorrow until crimbo!
I wish you all a happy Sunday hope the weather is better where you are as the heavens have opened here and flowing
hugs judex