Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ive WON!!!!!........yipeeeeeeeeeee

Oh im so happppppy ive just found out my altered art note book has won the September 3d challenge on"Gina K Design Forum.....yipeee Oh it has made my day after a bit of a harrassed morning which i wont go into but this is the icing on the cake!!lol.
I have won won of Gina K design Stamp sets so when it comes im sure i will upload what ive received .....
Hope youve all had good day.The photo of the note book is the one that won me the challenge!!Also i must say all enteries were really creative and didnt think i stood a chance!

World Card Making Day 3rd October..Make A Card For Alzhiemers

Forgot to mention about this earlier!

Yes it's World Cardmaking Day on Saturday October 3rd and how better to celebrate than making cards for Alzehimers .I would love people to make a card and send it to me for the alzehimers fund raising and i will also give you a free chance to win my candy.

If you would like to accept this invitation please email at address below .Make World Cardmaking Day a worth while day and make a card for this great charity .

You dont have to but id love you to....he he ..he i know im

So you must tell all your family ie hubbies,O/H & Kids that no house work it's world Card making day sorry!

Thanks jude

Morning All October arrives..........and so the temp falls

Well October is her and so for the first time today it feels like Autumn .The indian summer is still well here in away we have the sun and blue sky but my is ity Parky or what chilly this am i can say that .
Thankyou to all who have left comments wanting or offering to help fund raise .If this is the case please email me will give you the info you need please title Alzehimers fund raising.
Now on to some news i have just found out that i have won Christines blog candy ...whey hey...not often i win anything im soooo excited feel like a child in a sweetie shop.....just have to wait for the mail man to deliver now,i shall be back to show the lovelt goodies off to you.
I will be back later to show you some more cards ive been making and other bits for the fund raising.
Have great day
love n hugs judex