Monday, 10 August 2009

Alzheimers fund raising.....Mum's Birthday

Yesterday we went to celebrate mum's birthday and good time had by all such a sad and cruel disease .Don't honestly think mum had any clue to what was going on mind.The home had given us alounge and when we entered they had decorated with banners ,birthday cake ,bucks fizz,and lovely spread ,which we didnt expect at all or asked for.
As we were there i got to speak to one of the girls she is the lady who looks after there occupational needs and is trying to raise monies for hydro pool which in turn will help alot of the residence .So they are trying to do alot of fund raising.So when i get back ive promised to make cards and a few altered art items so they can sell to help fund raise .
Im appealing to any crafters who wish to help please email me at; .
All donations greatly accepted can be from cards to altered art ,decorated note books,jewelery anything that you think they can sell at forth coming fund raising coffee mornings ,bazzars that they have palnned between now and christmas.They are not given enough funding to spend on occupying the residence as it is .This i feel is one thing that Alzheimers patients benefit from having there mind occupied.The lady who is doing this Maureen has some fab ideas but just hasnt got the money to do this out of the budget they are given.
Dont feel you have to, but every thing donated will be truley appreciated and please email me if you think you can help.
hugs and thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude how ironic that you attended your mum's b-day party while I attended my grandmother's on Saturday. She too suffers from Alzheimer and it breaks my heart to see the blank stare in the photos I took. There were a few peeks of smiles here there and I treasured those. I will try to create a little something but my time is extremely limited. I'll email you. Good luck...Abby:)

June said...

Hi Jude, thanks for text my friend. I will text back later or ring.
Have to say this is excellent for a brilliant cause !! I am with you on this and will add my own stash to the cause plus ... when i get chance i will make a digital banner/button to add to your blog for the appeal and add it to mine too
hugs til soon
june x

jude said...

Thanks June your the best!!!
hugs judex

Tracy said...

Hi Jude i would love to try and help out.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!
Flor (

Annie said...

Ah sounds like you had a great celebration Jude. As you know my Mum has Alzheimers too so I know all too well how hard it can be and my mum is not too bad at the moment but the future terrifies me.
I'm already fundraising for the residents at the home Laura works at so I don't think I can spread myself any further, but I do wish you well and I'm sure you will get loads of help. You're a star.
Ann xxx

camcraft said...

How lovely that the staff did such a kind act with all the birthday celebrations. Belated b'day wishes to your Mum.
I have a friend whose SIL has alzehimers so know only too well of the terrible effects. I will try my very best to make some things, will contact you when done and ready to send.
Carole x

Max said...

As you say Jude ... it is such a cruel disease. Good luck with your fundraising. I will see what I can do to help ... a little is better than nothing.


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

I'm so pleased you all had a lovely day...and Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum xx
My Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers in May, and really I suppose we're still in the 'early stages.' But it's so very sad to watch the person, who for so many years took care of your every need, suddenly turn into someone who needs that very same care returned xx
I have to confess that I'm not getting much craft time at the moment otherwise I would certainly help you out. I hope you manage to get lots of help for your worthy cause.
Take care xx

Dragonlady said...

Hi Jude

I can't promise anything but will certainly keep you in mind. My Mum is just suffering from being old and deaf and that it hard enough. At least she still recognises me and the kids.

Take care

Ali x

Sonia Jones said...

Hi Jude
A belated birthday to your mum. I know how cruel Alzheimers can be but luckily not from first hand knowledge. I actually work for an educational provider as an office manager but i also teach IT. One of my learner groups are all carers for people with Alzheimers. They are given a 2 hour break from caring and someone will stay with the family member. The society put on different activities at a local community centre. Besides my IT they can do craft, line dancing or just chat. The organisers also take them on trips and to the theatre some of these have to be paid for, or at least a contribution towards the cost, like when they have a trip to London. I will definately try to get something made for you. Take care Jude. Soniaxx

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Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Jude, this is an amazing and inspiring blog. There is a documentary film that I just saw about Alzheimer's patients and the creative arts - it shows how the arts open up doors of communications to those with AD and their caregivers. It's called "Remember Better When I Paint". I saw it on DVD & found this clip in youtube - it inspired me a lot:

This book sounds amazing - I look forward to reading it. The stories of courageous caregivers such as Linda Born are an inspirational to many. We need to raise awareness about Alzheimer's and continue to share these inspirational stories. One inspirational source for me recently is a documentary called "I remember Better When I Paint", which shows how the creative arts are helping those with AD. I had read about the film in an Alzheimer's Reading Room article last month, and then got the DVD. There is a clip on youtube if anyone else is interested:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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janita mantel said...

I will sent you postcards for your project.I life in the UAE, it takes time, if you sent my your address. I post it directly .