Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WOYWW...127 Catch up on Christmas Albums

Good morning not sure if it's good as it's dark ,damp and dismal .the 3 D's i must thank all you lovely people for such kind messages left regarding my dad.Well he's doing ok,not out of the woods yet but having the old injections and blood tests regularly.Had shadow on his lung and heart echo whihc we are still wasitng on results they should be due next week .He is still very breathless he is now on water tablets to see of that helps just realy aaitng game.Im back home not sure for how long.So sorry if i didnt get round to you last week put just popped my head in the door so to speak,as i was getting emails asking if i was ill!So big thanks to you all.

Anyways it's wednesday so you know time to travel the world ,looking at what the craftworld has for us this week.If you'd like to join in or havent a clue what im on about check by the bosses blog our Julia HERE.

This week since ive been back well it's been catch up time i have had 4 paperbag Albums ordered by customer that have to be finished by 20th November as she is off to USA.So it's been mad panick but safely say only one more to go and ive already started that.So that is whtas on my desk this wednesday.The top piccy's are the front of the album.If you interestd how paperbag albums are made .Take apeek at yesterdays post here
Front Cover

The following piccys are of the rest of the album which includes hidden pages ,envelopes to add things to.So enjoy

Thats it hopeyou liked my album i never make the same one twice!I have also got ready to upload a Baby girl Album she wanted for her sister who's baby is due anyday.Whihc i will upload tomorrow.Well have fab wednesday and all have creative week.

Ishall try to get round you all over the next couple of days but today im going to the american base ...Yes Hels need any more cheetos or have you finished your stash you brought back!

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Well stay warm and safe

love n hugs

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