Friday, 31 October 2008


Well another week nearer to christmas just thought id like to wish you all a
Love Judexxx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

More Blogg Candy

Well another week over nearly my youngest has broken up for half term today doesnt seem that long since they were starting back from summer.

Just had to tell you all go have peep at this blogg candy on offer ,she's just hit her first 1000 hits so well excited so go take a peek.As they say you gotta be in it to win it !

Monday, 20 October 2008

Good Morning

Well another week near to christmas and i must get on as i have so many projects to get finished ,including a few on trimcraft,as well as my own family christmas cards.Which i fell behind on whilst i was ill.
Now i have a craft fair on 6th December so will have to get my act together,my friends Yawn,& Chelsie are going to have 2 tables with cards,american homemade treats and gift boxes for christmas so should be good day had by all.Will have to start to prepare for that so want to get all other projects out the way .
Before i bid you have agood MONDAY .
POP OVER SEE Linda's blogg candy gotta be fast i came across her blogg at the weekend worth alook ,blogg candy ends today 20th so be quick you gotta be in it to win it!
Have a Happy Monday, May your creative inspiration flow!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Christmas Paper Bag albums

This has to be my fav of allt he albums ive made this christmas so far lovely dovey decoupage couple in globe with mistletoe and prima flowers and aray of christmas ribbons
Album 2 Let it snow ..... so cute die cut snowballing teddy on ice embellished with a ray of various
blue shades of ribbons

Album 3 .This is the teddy die cut with presents.prima flowers and aray of chrsistmas ribbons all albums have 12pages including front and back.

These are some christmas paper bag albums i have done for challenges and swaps on trimcraft ,craft queens forum .

Hope you like them!

Pricilla's blogg candy

Oh my go take alook at this lovely blogg and she has just reached 1000 hits and has some great blogg candy up for grabs,stamped images ,brads and oh so much more .you gotta be in it to win it !

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Well ive had so many requests for the christmas wrapping paper ,and it's so easy makes lovely alternative to the normal wrapping paper that well i find rips so easily.
Iuse recycled roll brown paper ,all i do is stamp with christmas stamps ,emboss,glitter and great alternative add prima flower,even home made tag and ribbon bow.It's different looks great and doesn't rip and saves money as you can pick up large roll from whsmith for 2.00 lasts ages cut decorate to the size of your parcel,
good luck happy crafting!will add pics soon of papers ive already done.


Well at long last i hear you say !!!Well im so sorry this is so later than planned due to this stinking flu virus that then went to pneumonia.Im still not 100% but getting there slowly .I am so behind on craft projects i will have to get myself sorted.Ihave at least got a few more cards to make for christmas but WHEY HEY ......ive finished my christmas shopping!!!!!YIPEEEEEE.all done just needs wrapping im so chuffed as i usually have it by end august .So now gotta just print somemore wrapping paper.
THE WINNER IS ......congratulations ......
INGER MARIE ,have left message on your blogg please get in contact will get these rubber stamps off to you ....
Whilst ive been away my blogg has nearly reached 3000 so im gonna have a christmas blogg coming in next 2 weeks so keep watching!!!
have a great day thanks to all who entered.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Blogg candy extended ,So sorry not been around

Well i am so sorry to all that are or have been waiting for the blogg candy draw,this has not taken place ,i have been so poorly this is the first chance i have had to come on here.My eldest daughter deceided to share her cold virus with us !!!Omg i have and still am poorly ive had it over 2 weeks deceided to go see gp.You know you cant win !when i have been before they say oh viral infection just get out your system,not this time i went on the works ant-b's,steriods,inhalers as mine had gone to pneumonia,got told off leaving it so long .Can't do right for doing wrong ,but was told that one of viral infections can turn to pneumonia so beware have a coldor flu more 7days go see gp.I have lost my voice for 4 days just now got a croak so been very Quiet!!!With my Me/Cfs & Fibro it has just hit my immune system so bad .
so i am extending the blogg candy for a while longer until i have energy to put the names in hat and draw .
Im hoping that by 19th October i will be well so am etending it till then gives you extra peeps time to join in.
take care keep warm thanks for all the well wishes and cards
love hugs judex