Thursday, 2 June 2011


Happy Birthday WOYWWERS .....Wow all those desks weve looked at ,loved ,commented.all those bloggin friends weve come to find across the world .all down to the lovely Ms dunnit and the introduction of WOYWW....well what did we ever do on a wednesday morning?

If youve not a clue what im on about and im sure most of you do.but if not then po by julia's blog to find out more.

I am away this week enjoying the beautiful sunshine and country side of the dales.Ive gone to visit dad,he was surpose to have his 2nd knee replacement last tuesday .but unfortunately been put back until 26th june.Enjoying are time here anyways so nothing to show on my desk this week.

my PIF is in the mail thanks julia for organizing that before i went away.Thankyou for 2 wonderful nosey years.

Have a good one !HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA!

This post was surpose to appear yesterday but hey hoe thats blogger for you. I will try and get round you by popping on dads laptop during the next couple of days.
love n hugs

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