Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas Gifts

Sorry ive not been around for few days i have made a couple of things but due to problems at home havent been able to put my mind to crafting.
My daughter has/is being bullied at school for sometime and the school just dont seem to want to know .Well didnt until an incident that happened Monday and now they say we have there full support .Which i did believe until things started to go wrong again today and now i have no faith in teachers or the school.My daughter is 12 yrs old apart from being dyslexic shes now being targetted by actually girls and couple boys and a Teacher! .Well it all came to ahead and she has just broken down to see your own daughter /child in such at state at such a young age is so heartbreaking.
To think this has been going on for sometime and well in our eyes could have been well avoided and we have done everything we could have to try and get this sorted.It just breaks my heart ot see her suffering so bad if i wasnt so poorly with my ME/CFS i would take her out and home school her but i know deep down it is not feesable.
Anyway back to my original post
So i have done some altered art tins awhile ago for a dear close friend and im so sorry hun ive just not had the time to get this box posted .I have altered these tins for her to store her
Pro-markers .So i hope you like them and there is actually 4 but my camera died on me so i took battery out to charge ,now i cant find where i put the camera!
My head is not with the rest of my body at the moment which is understandable not only has ny duaghter being ridiculed by pupils but now targeted by a teacher also!!
What is this world coming to i ask ,it hurts me so as it's not for the want of me trying to do everything possible and also my husband as type is now writting another stern letter .
Anyway as soon as i find my camera i will upload the other bits n pieces ive created for gifts.
I will pop back tomorrow to upload my DT card for tomorrows challenge over at the C.R.A.F.T.
blog .Take care ,live for today as you just dont know whats in store tomorrow.
"Altered Tins To Store Pro-markers"

Love n hugs judex

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