Sunday, 14 December 2008

Good Morning Sunday....ME/CFS/FIBRO

Well touch wood i am starting to feel alittle better ,so hopefully i will add the Birthday blogg candy today which will run into Next year !!boy that sounds weird but hey not far away.This past week well ive not done any crafting infact done nothing but sleep!Thankyou to everyone for there kind wishes and cards much appreciated as you do feel very low at times when you havent the energy and in so much pain.ME/CFS is such a horrible illness to have many of you have asked what it is?So i shall explain alittle.
ME short for Myalgic encephalopathy(now you can see why we just say known for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,FIBRO is Fibromyalgia .
All types of people young & old any age can be effected by ;Servere Fatigue,Painful muscles & joints,uncontrolable temperature,nausea,poor concentration,headaches,poor memory known as brain fog,balance problems hence my falls,complete and total exhaustion,muscle twitching mainly for me alot in my eyes,more prone to reaction to drugs,hair loss.
It robs you of normal daily activities.Dibilitating and it does destroy your quality of life,you can never stop fighting it.
One barrier i think most suffers have come into contact with is discrimmination and ignorance.Basically one thing i have found since being diagnosed with this since 2006 is you find out who your friends are,and who you thought where friends you hear them say shes just lazy!!ignorance comes to mind !I contacted this illness after surgery and contacting an infection in my wound.It is said that it can be aresult of viral infection,trauma(having ababy this must be so arwful as not only you feel fatigued and suffer these effects but you have a baby to deal with,this happened to my parents friends daughter,they are bringing up the baby at the moment) .It is hard enough on my daughters even though they are great carers ,and my hubby,but a baby that needs your full attention as they cant fend for themselves must be an even worse senareo.
I hope that this helps to bring alittle insight into this disability as basically that is what it is.A daily task such as getting up having a wash,to me that is a major task and exhausting or even emptying the washer.So one thing i ask don't judge people suffering from this arwful illness as lazy as we certainly cant help it!wouldnt wish it on anyone.

Well as for the pending holidays I am soooooooo behind with my christmas preparations and well have lot to do before they all break up for the holidays this week, but i know i cant rush back to things i need to pace myself slowly.I couldnt do that without the fantastic help of my o/h and my two lovely girls,as guilt is one thing i suffer alot the fact i miss out on things with my daughters,but they understand this now we make up other ways.
Well thankyou once again for the lovely messages and wishes they do cheer me up so a big thanks to n hugs jude