Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Woyww 135....Our First Woyww for 2012

Welcome to the first Woyww of 2012.Here's Wishing You all a Very Happy,Healthy,Creative New Year.Now first woyww of 2012 how exciting wonder what this year has in store for us?and wether it will go as fast as 2011...Who knows ehat i do know it's the Wednesday ritual of traveling around the world to visit other crafters alike see what theyve been upto.So if you would like to join in with this fun wednesday addiction pop over to the Boss and take part.Before i show you what's going on in my workspace just quick reminder if you havent entered my Candy be quick only 3 days left so check it out Here.Yes thats when i turn 21 again!oh my another grey it will be a nice day all bestest peeps born in jan im day before Sir Tim Holtz hows

Anyways enough of birthdays and age we havent got off to great start this year already.My eldest fell ill last wedensday and well had emergency dr in New years day as she just couldnt keep anything in some bug or food poidoning unsure which but no vomiting and i re member when i had salmonella boy did i throw up!He wasnt much help except told her she had bug gave dyoralite well im sure most of you know the taste is ransid.Then the biggie starve for another 4 days .poor girl nothing on her anyway.Today wasnt happy with her so took to see our dr tonight explained everything .Well shes dehyrated whichwe new of course .Now she has servere pain round her back and left side whihc today been told the infection she has had has now travelled to her kidneys due to dehydration.So apart from being in pain ,on the toilet,not eating poor things has had fab new year!At one point my youngest daughter went in to living room to see her sister then i heard almightly scream .Ran in and sophie was laid on settee my youngest chloe thoought she was dead so pinched her when she had no reaction started slapping her face!!!poor thing but she does look ghastly but we did laugh about it after ,at least she cared as usually at each others throat!So thats my start to new year apart from that we are

Now my desk well yes bit state this is whats on the center of my crafting a tesco gravy grannules pot im just starting to alter .As my mojo seemed to joi Hels and go on it's hols for while.But hoping it is back now to stay.

To the right of my desk this is where i push stuff and pile is my scor pal tape whihc i just loveeee,Empty ribbon reel ready for altering .Also acouple books i sm going to alter and post it nore box.Nothing much exciting .Mind did get my prize from Neil thanks so much my battery died before i could photograph them so i shall do that for next week. Lastly i wanted to show you this beautiful altered Jar that i was given by my good friend June when i was home.Couldnt take better piccy as battery died in camera.Must make note to myself to re charge camera before
Absolutely stunning photo doesnt do justice.Anyway enough rambling from me .
Have fab wednesday and like me i hope your glad to be back to normality!well as normal as we can be for another year or should i say 11 months!
So better get started on those Christms cards and gifts for next year wont be
Love n hugs

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