Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Perpetual Blog Hop

clip and cuts perpetual blog hop!!!

Here is how it works:
1. Click the blue frog below to add your blog.
2. Copy the following script and put it on your blog post while in HTML view.This will make the thumbnail collection appear on your post as well and be available for your readers too.
3. Provide the above code on your blog for others to grab. Just mention to paste it on HTML view when blogging.
4. Ask your readers to add their blogs on the list and also copy and paste the script on their blog as well!
This will make a thumbnail collection that will grow on everyones blog and we can meet each other! I’ll be moderating it so no worries. It will be updated on everyones blog when someone enters a new link.
LOVE IT! Please DO participate! You don’t have to link them back here. Just tell everyone to add their cardmaking/scrapbooking blog and make the collection as big as we can! Can we make it to 1000? If you have any issues let me know and I’ll be happy to help asap.
Here goes!
function __inlinkzEndsWith(str, substr) { return (str.match(substr+"$")==substr) } function __inlinkzToggleVis(divId) { var el = document.getElementById(divId); if('block') { = 'none'; = 'hidden'; = '0px'; } else { = 'visible'; = 'block'; = '120px'; } } function __inlinkzIsImage(aTextField) { var elem = document.getElementById(aTextField); _str = elem.value; check = __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".jpg") __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".png") __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".JPG") __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".PNG") __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".JPEG") __inlinkzEndsWith(_str,".jpeg"); if (!check) { return false; } else { return true; } } function checksize(elemId, size) { if(size>0) { var element = document.getElementById(elemId); var text = element.value; if(text.length>=size) { text = text.substring(0,size); window.alert("Maximum chars: " + size); } element.value = text; } } function __inlinkzCheckFieldOK(aTextField) { var elem = document.getElementById(aTextField); if ((elem.value.length==0) (elem.value==null)) { return false; } else { return true; } }function __inlinkzCheckIfEmpty2173() { if(__inlinkzCheckFieldOK("__inlinkzLink2173") && __inlinkzCheckFieldOK("__inlinkzDesc2173") && __inlinkzCheckFieldOK("__inlinkzEmail2173")) { return true; } else { window.alert("All fields must be completed"); return false; } }
Paper Crafts blog hop!1. Add your blog!2. Copy the script below and paste it on your blog post while in HTML view.
Paper Crafts blog hop!
1. Add your blog!
2. Copy the script below and paste it on your blog post while in HTML view.