Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy World Cardmaking Day....Christmas Yummy Goodies

Yummy Sweetie Holders for Christmas

Well i have been busy making some sweetie holders as you will see above piccy they dont look like much but the finished product is below just so you get the idea .So simple to make yet im hoping that people will buy for christmas as im making these for the various Bazaars im doing for the alzhiemers fund raising .They are so simple and cheap to make But hopefully an eye catcher on the stall for children!!Hope you like? this one has "White Chocolate coins"if my eldest daughter had her way they be just the coin wrappers left!!!!hands off shes rather partial to white chocolate.I have also cut the ingredients and eat by date off the packaging of the coins and stuck to the back of the goodie bag so they can see the details & what it contains ect. Just incase a child is allergic to something added to them as you just dont know.So i think if your thinking of doing anything like this it is good idea to take the tag or label off them and add to back of project .

"Sweet Treats for Christmas"

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