Saturday, 12 July 2008

Another challenge "Thank You Teacher"

Well completed another challenge this was "Thankyou Teacher " challenge was to make card on that theme ,well that was great as always make the teacher cads for end of term so these are the finished cards that my daughtersa will give to there teachers before the end f term finishes on the 22nd .
Also so chuffed yesterday as i found out on 24th july im taking girls to Elstree studios to see the filming of "how to beat a 10year old "noel edmonds and dick n dom .thats little treat for getting good reports....little do they know it's sure the day they will find away tospend my money !!!
have great weekend hopefully the good old british rain will hold off as weseem to have had soooo much lately
well tatty bye for now .happy crafting judex

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