Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Sophie's Leaving Album

Yesterday sophie had her last day at School before hitting high school in september .Boy what a sad day ive never seen so many children cry!mind once they sang the farewell song dont think dry eye amongst us! It was a great leavers assembly and they all got presented with a French collins dictionary to send them on the way.Last tgursday they did a play which was fantastic called "School Daze" basically taking the mick out of the school and teachers it would have been great if they could have videoed it as never lkaughed so much it was so funny but unfortunatley todays society doesnt allow this anymore ,which i think is a big shame .

This is the front cover of her album and inside i had done pages for her to get messages from her friends and teachers at school.the photos on here show that but were taken before they were filled up now well dont think you can see the white pages at all but you will get the idea as there are acouple of good luck messages in there.All i have to do now is upload all the pics that have been taken and then arrange them in the album as a keep sake for her.I hope you like it and comments are appreciated.

thanks judex


Ickle Pickle said...

Oh it's gorgeous Jude. I bet Sophie was over the moon :) I know what you mean about crying. My eldest has jsut left high school. She was even going back almost every day inbetween and after her exams as she was doing lots of drama/music performances. It was her prom a couple of weeks ago and she has finally left for good. Feels wierd not having to drop her off there every morning. An end of an era, sniff, sniff

Dee said...

This is a great idea, something to cherish. Dee x