Monday, 3 November 2008

Great start to the week

Sophie got ready for school this am to be told when she got to bus stop.No School as they have burst water main!So my youngest wanted day off i give her 10/10 for trying !
Well we live in a village and i hate it ever since ive been ill the rumours and thing said to my girls just unbelieveable which i hate as i know they wouldnt say to my face.Just now waving of chloe as she goes to school happy as her sister is taking her ,due to her not being in today.The lady across the road i heard say i loud voice oh she cant be bothered to get dressed take her daughter to school again so lazy!!!I had to hold myself back from having ago as the girls where there .they have enough to put up with me being ill yes i surpose does look like im lazy but they do know why just ignorante and if they new the effects it has on your life maybe a bit more sympathetic.But themn she hasnt got a life so she has to interfere in everyone elses in the village !
CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia has different ways that it effects peoples life's, eveyone is different. I suffer from chronic widespread pain, Migraine, Irritable bladder, depression,unable to control body temperature ,hot flushes, short term and long term memory loss this is what i call "BRAIN FOG", weakness in limbs,frequent falls due to joints give way.I also fall asleep at the drop of a hat many times put toast in fell sleep woke to alarm going off ,or dropped coffee on me as gone with cup in hand.

CFS/ME Fatigue at the moment i sleep 20 hrs aday less than i did acouple weeks ago ,unfortunately i had some medication which made me stay awake ,but had to give up as the side effects were serious and Papworth wouldn't let me carry on .So im back to where i was in 2006 when diagnosed.I am pacing myself as this is what has been advised by julia who looks after me at my Me clinic.Which is hard as i was taking it easy during the week saving myself for weekend to spend with the family. As that's one thing i get depressed about my girls and o/h as it must be hard on them.But no i was doing it wrong as they say i was "boom & bust"So with the help of them i am hopefully getting into routine and slowly getting there.
So it's not an easy life to live especially when i was very active senior nurse in A&E,and always on the go.But doesnt help when you have people making remarks to my children or infront of them loud enough for them to hear! Expressing their views,As it does upset the girls ,and they do a wonderfull job as my carers as well as my husband without them my life will be even harder.When i hear people comment on something they don't no anything about it annoys me .!
So i think people who dont know anything about my illness should keep there mouth shut!keep there views to there self!!!
Sorry but this does get my back up as if i don't suffer enough guilt!so if i am in my pj's ,or sleeping in the day there's obvious reason for it !!!1sorry it has really got my back up and annoyed me ,how i bit my tongue i will never know,but wouldnt but my girls through that anytime not just before school.I will see her when she leasts expect it!!1
Well Monday can only get better.


Orchard Crafts said...

That is horrible. I am sorry to hear that people can be so cruel in their niavity. My friend as Fibromyalgia so I understand what that alone can do to a person. My thoughts are with you. If you ever need a chat or a rant you you where I am. Your girls love you and understand, that is by far the ultimate importance. xx

sandra said...

its horrible that grown adults can be so hurtful in there words, you would think they would no better?? you just have to try your best to rise above such narrow mindedness for your girls sake and carry on, you have a great blog with brilliant works of art.
take care sandra

Jane said...

Hi Jude,

People can be so judgemental without knowing the facts, it made me so angry when I read this. Good for you not saying anything back to them, they are really not worth it, I know this must of been hard for you, and you really don't need that added stress. Take care and just think what small people they are! Oh and by the way if you go over to my blog there is a lovely award for you.


Ann said...

oh Jude hope things have looked up for you since you posted this.
People just don't understand.

ann xxx

Max said...

Jude ... the people who matter in your life know you're not lazy sweetheart. Your sweet girls have had to deal with so much over the last few years with school etc. and having to live with the effects of your Fibro, so really don't need to listen to the nasty spiteful comments of an ignorant neighbour who hasn't taken the time to know you or tried to understand your condition.
Well done you for not rising to the bait ... :)


Tab said...

People can be so judgemental when they dony know what they're talking about. I do hope youre feeling better now hun (((((())))))