Monday, 3 August 2009

Hello from the north

Well what astart to our holiday we left early friday morning 5.30am.Got onto a1 heading up north to york as i was taking girls for w/end as theyve never been .But and a big BUT we never made it !As were going along A1 the battery light came on,so we got off next exit and drove through village heading for melton.The next thing every light on dash board came on we just made alayby and that was it!car wouldnt start it had died.So rang Bmw by now watching the sunset rise in a feild in Epingham not a clue where we were ,here's were the fun started. The insurance we have with BMW was invalid for road side as we found out on the phone,because we had taken car for service else where & not BMW. As you can image we were furious as not told any of this at time of taking it out last October when we bought car.We had no other choice but to phone and join the AA. As they new we were stranded couldnt go anywhere we joined AA cost us £192.68pby debit card on the spot.......... they arent daft are they.
Well we had to wait for an hour for him to get out ,he came nice guy towed us to Leicester never been there dont think wanna go back either.towed us to garage as they had the part well turned out the wrong part as our Alternater had gone!We spent 2 hours whilst the guy tried his best to get the right one eventually failed .So we had to ring AA back they said they would tow us to Darlington.I then had to cancel hotel for weekend at York so girls not happy bunnies.The only good thing the hotel didnt charge us so we didnt loose are money which was good thing.
After sitting around for a further 2hrs 30mins tow truck arrived ,could believe this only went 20mins down road and he had to have 45 min break so had to stop sit around for 45mins then on our way.We then had to stop at ferrybridge as this AA guy couldnt take us any further as with the new tracking he would have done over his hours.So again unloaded car off truck sat at ferry bridge for further 3 hours until tow truck came we eventually got to the garage in Darlington where we met my dad at 20.50hrs. After along old eventful day spent waitng around most of it.
Now the car is in gargae and cant do anything until monday when Andy is surpose to be driving back to norfolk as hes at work Tuesday .
So that was are exciting start to weekend, but this am i am ringing Bmw having ago at them as cant find anywhere in policy that says you have to get service and mot at bmw garage for insurance to be valid.
So we never got to Yorkbut have promised girls will take them for day from here.As you can image all that waiting around ,standing ect did nothing for my fibro or ME/cfs and saturday spent in bed so tired and unable to move due to aches and pains
Fingers crossed holiday improves no more hicups!!!lol


Sarah A said...

Oh Jude, what a nightmare! I am sorry to hear it made you ill though! Sounds like it was an expensive "day trip" too, hope you get sorted with BMW and gave them a piece of your mind!!!
Take care of yourself.

Sarah x

Jenni said...

Sounds like a very challenging day Jude, hope things have improved now!
Jenni x

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Jude,I am so sorry you've had such a terrible time with things it must have been so frustrating and expensive too BMW want a kick up the backside,i do hope your feeling much better now and enjoying it:)
Hugzz Val xxx