Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Alzehimers fund Raising

These are just some of the crafty creations i have been making for alzehimers if anyone interested in buying any please let me know as monies all go to alzehimers.

This weekend i have been busy creating items to sell in aid of Alzehimers at the forth coming bazaar,fetes and sales the first one coming up middle /end October so i am busy making allsorts of things .The altered notebook was actually for a challenge over on Gina K Forum ,but also to sell at my Alzehimers fairs .The paper is Kaiser (i just adore there papers),flowers no less than prima ,the front is a covered beer matt with some lovely letters spelling note book.These i found whilst clearing out my craft room last week.The wee wooden heart i have covered with red copics,this is used a bookmark for the notepad and thanks to my dear friend Queenie (akaTracy)who sent me these in an Rak.thanks hun hope your back is better.Then after finishing the note book went on to other things below.

Yes i have been making door hangers ,like the one below Betty boo ,also Tinkerbell,Halloween door handles .I have been very creative also at the moment i am busy doing door plaques they have been painted waitng to dry before i go on to decorate.

Then i am starting on my gift bags and boxes.I will upload more as i finish but i just thought id let you see what ive been doing towards my fund raising.Big thanks go to all who have sent and promised me craft items for the fund raising.

From what i see on the news last night Alzehimers seems to becoming an Epirdemic as such....... and set to get worse over next few years saying many more of us could be found to have Alzehimers and it's not just the elderly who can get this cruel disease .I know of a 45 yr old male married with 2 young children his wife is basically bringing up the children on her own as a single parent as she can no longer cope looking after her husband ,she's had to put him in care which i know too well is the hardest decision to make.The children are not old enough to understand whats happened to their dad which is so sad.

So please dont stereo type and think it's just a Disease for the elderly as it is Not!

I shall be back later to add day 20 candy just gotta sort girls out for school then i have meeting at school so will be around midday beofre i can get back on.


Kim Dellow said...

Oh Fabulous makes, goo luck in the fundraising. Kim

Tanya said...

Greetings! At you excellent works and you have thought up very interesting game with a daily candy)