Friday, 30 October 2009

Candy Now Closed

Morning all well im still up north hoping to return home sunday.this depends on how mum is as shes very very poorly due to a fall last thursday.So have spent most of my holiday over by her side.This morning i am going to see my friend June who i meet up with when i come to Darlington,she also hasnt been well so will be lovely to see her.
Well Candy is Now Closed .....i will be back monday with the winner have fab weekend take care
hugs judexx


rachel said...

I'm excited!!!:):):)!!!
very nice weekend!!:)


Max said...

Oh Jude - your poor mum.
Have a lovely time with June and give her a hug from me =)


lalkygirl said...

hi jude,i hope your mum gets better soon,hope you enjoy the rest of your hol ,
tracey x

Rufus said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum's fall. Hope that she's feeling much better! Enjoy your time with your friend.

Papirskreppa said...

Hope your mum gets well very soon. Know how those things are. Have much symphaty with you. Have a nice weekend, after all.