Monday, 19 October 2009

Tutorial for Christmas Chocci holders

Finished product

I started off using A4 piece good qualtiy card Now you can do it one two ways .
Use A4 piece as it is ,if putting large items in or the version i did. which is below
Measure card it mucst be ;
Take A4 sheet measure as below and cut card to those measurements ands discard the latter never through away !!!!
(crafters keep i do!)
Lenght 10"
width 7"
Now you must score the top at 1" then at 3".
The 2nd score line 3"one folds down don't cover this part with paper until finished .
1st score line at 1"fold up.
Next make circle i used woodware punch think 3inch one in same card and also 2 circles in same design paper.The blank piece of card needs covering ,you now cover with whatever d/paper you wish depending if these are for christmas,halloween or /easter as very versitile.should start to look abit like the piccys down below this post .
Next you will need some clear bags i used the card bags with self seal top large ones.Filled bag and the stuck top over & down .I then put under neath the 3in fold hold togther staple these 2 together only from inside.
Last cover your circles in desgin paper to match add an embellishment or whatever you like to middle .Line up and attache double sticky tape across back of circle and stick to middle of top fold.Hope fully should be ready to give .You can if it's for christmas on one side circle i put TO and the other side FROM.
lastly i added chocolate coins whitew but what i did was cut the ingredient tag off the shop bought bag and stuck on the back of holder .Theres so many kids with allergies that felt i was selling them at bazaar would be nice if they could see what was inside thenm just incase i advise this if you are giving to friends or selling at craft fairs .

hope this is easy to follow to all who wanted it!Happy crafting hugs judex


Cheryl said...

oh hun these are brill great instructions too hugs cheryl xx

Max said...

These are a great idea and thanks for the sensible tip about adding the ingredients. I will copy and print one for each bag so people know what's in them, when I make some.
Hope the funky foam notebooks and photo albums I sent a couple of weeks ago arrived safely - good luck with your fundraising.


Dragonlady said...

Thanks for this Jude. I am doing a Halloween for my 5 year old daughter and will try these out.

Thanks again.

Ali x

Tana said...

Interesting idea:)
Very much the fur-tree on the side panel is pleasant, prompt, please, I can it to myself in a blog put? And how it to make? Thanks

Angela said...

Thanks Jude, I will make a note of this later, it took a little to track you down there are no links over ar Christmas RAK!!

They look so gorgeous, I will have a go and leave a link back to you,
hugs Angela x