Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fancy a Freebie.....

Morning all well i have some freebie candy for you ,Actually this week i have 2 prizes for you as over Easter i wont be doing one .So do you fancy a wee stamp set by Sweet n Sassy or do you fancy 50!!yes 50 open roses by WOCrafts.Yes i here you say Well this is what you have to do:
1.Post about my Alzeheimers weekly Freebie/Candy on your blog. you must be follower to enter.
2.Answer this question....Are you a Horder when it comes to your craft room?
3.Please leave yes or no after your name in Mr Linky and
.also leave a comment telling me why your a horder you must do both for chance to win one of these 2 lovely prizes.Yes we shall have 2 winners this week.
Closes 29th March 2010
I would just like to say Thankyou to everyone who has donated cards,gifts ect for my Alzheimers fund,the bazaar was great success and nearly have £2000 by time all monies in I may just pass that mark!
The reason im adsking the question as im trying to re do my craftroom and i must have empty boxes that ive kept thinking oh i could alter that...yeah thats what i thought at the time !!lol
So are you the same as me or you neat tidy and not a collector!
So big thanks to all my Followers and donaters this candy is my way of saying thanks to you all for popping by and leaving lovely messages even when i have amoan!!!
So waht ya waiting for go enter the Candy oh and Good Luck
Love n hugs
1st Prize
2nd prize

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ScrapyCherry said...

I'am such a huge gatherer - but maybe I need the things some day again *ggg*

Julye said...

Morning Jude and Sophie too hope both are ingood spirits. Yes I'm a horder you never know when something might be useful. I have all kinds of junk not just craft stuff, little boxes bits off bought cards etc. I new it was bad a couple of weeks ago when out with mum having coffee and she unwrapped a biscuit and told me I didn't need the shiny foil it was wrapped in, she was joking but I suppose that sums it up. Thanks for the email will let you know when I've calculated and made a decision but thankyou for the offer and enjoy yourself, is that a bit criptic? hugs Julye

lalkygirl said...

hi jude ,lovely candy,
yes i am a hoarder ,buttons ribbons packaging ,you never know when you need it do you
wishing you luck with the fundraising
best wishes
lalkygirl x

Valentina said...

Hi Jude. Lovely candy again.
I am new in crafting, but think I am a Horder. All second buttons from my husband`s shirts are on my crafting table :)))))

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Morning Jude, well I have said "yes" but my New Year's Resolution was to not print off backing papers from CDs/buy any until I've used my stocks up. I've nearly made three months and I've only printed off about 10 sheets of paper for Design Team Cards or some commissioned cards. This leads me to believe I must be a paper hoarder. Thanks for the chance of winning this blog candy. Best wishes, Kym xxx

Aussie Loz said...

Hi Jude, those roses look delish!!! I am a bit of a crafty hoarder! I keep every, yes EVERY shred of ribbon I find (like the ones on new shirts so the hanger stays on, or on the cordial drinks my daughter likes from the cafe)... I keep return address envelopes from our power & gas companies as they're a recycled 'kraft' paper... and I also have a stash of stuff to be altered, all clear acetate boxes etc!! If they don't squash down they take up a lot of room.. and how many have I altered? None! lol! Perhaps I should have a clean out!! xx

KarenB said...

Hmmm yes I definitely am a hoarder. I do revisit my stash regularly though and I don't buy a lot of new stuff until I've whittled down the older stuff first. What a great question :)

Melly said...

Afternoon Jude
Well what can i say, I like to keep certain things especially papers but I also love to share with everyone!! Especially if people visit, I give them a goody bag away with them!! So I keep and share hee xxxxx

Doreen said...

Hi Jude. Yes, I am a hoarder and proud of it, you just never know when you'll need that little something you took off a chocolate box or whatever. My problem is tho', I can never remember where I put it. You'll understand that. xx Doreen

mae said...

Hola Jude!!!yo tambien recolecto todo lo que encuentro por mi casa.
Me encanta!!!!saludos!!

irinka said...

I keep everything and only rearly I use old stuff, I usualy go out and buy what I need

majsan said...

I dont want to be, but you never know what might come in handy...LOL
And if I through it away, I`m sure I am going to miss it ;)
Is that normal?

Courtney said...

Hi Jude...thanks for the chance at some yummy candy! And yes, I am very much a horder!!!

craft_princess said...

Thanks for a chance to win some candy! I am a huge hoarder! I keep thinking of ideas I will use stuff for but never get around to it OR some things I hang onto because I'm afraid if I use them up I won't be able to buy more when I need to. Silly I know! I should just enjoy or get rid of the stuff I don't use but just can't help myself. I like looking at all the pretty stuff! LOL!

Sandra said...

Hi Jude,
I just cannot have enough of all this lovely stamping stuff - don't knwo why - maybe I'll need all of these things for my next cards... ;-)
Hugs, Sandra

Paddington fan said...

Hi Jude
Gorgeous candy!! I'll fess up I am a huge hoarder when it comes to craft stuff, rest of my life I'm more ruthless. I keep all sorts of little bits and bobs for crafting because I can't bear to throw away something that may come in handy one day.... perhaps that is why my craft space is such a mess!!
Hugs jacky x

Yukkie Jenny said...

Never know, what can be useful!
And... it's hard time for our family now, and I can't spend a lot on papercraft (which bring almost no income)... So I'm using tissue paper, ribbon from package, package itself, patterned tags and so on. :)

Shastitko Galina said...

Hi!A remarkable sweet! Yes I the thrifty person.

Cheryl Walker said...

Hello hun, I forgot to put yes or no, I think Im not a horder, but who knows....LOL I love to collect ribbon,flowers,buttons, and goodies, but I use them all :) I love embellishing my cards and projects!! I do keep stuff like container and things from the kitchen, but my rule is if you dont use it withen the year, get rid of it, otherwise you will have way toooooo many collecting up. Hope that helps you. I will be posting my lastest from the kitchen container shortly this week. Its a cookie container, but im using it to give as a gift with crafting goodies inside :)

Ok enough of me babble'n ....LOL Im going to post your offer on my blog for others to see :)