Monday, 15 March 2010

Some New Awards..Candy giverway

Before i go onto the award please scroll to next post for todays Monday Alzheimers Giverway
This 1st award i have been given by the lovely Rose and also Jen thankyou so much for even thinking of me .Now with this ward the beautiful blogger award i have todo a couple of things.
here's the rules for this award:
1) Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award(done)
2) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers whose blogs you have recently discovered that you love
.3) Share 7 things about yourself.
Well im going to have to get back with the 7 as i need to get all the links .
But 7 things about me.....
1.Im married to Andy
2.Have 2 fabulous daughters i adore
3.I have a wonderful Dad and Mum that i owe my life
4.I left home when i was 17 to go do my Nurse Training in Epping
5.Qualified as a nurse my Career as a senior nurse inA&E
6.Moved from London to Norfolk in 2002
7.Diagnosed with ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia in 2006
1.This blog is magical such a talented lady i came across few weeks back now so please go check it out!
2.Marlene...Here.. fails to Inspire
3.Risa ...Here.. fails to amaze me with her colouring such agreat blog fab crafts and fun to read!
5.Mel....Here..Love seeing her crafty makes and chitty chat
6.Sandy....Here.. found this blog and beautiful makes!
7.Penni..Here.... Creations

I have received this 2nd award from my friend Sarah thankyou so much hun for thinking of me your so kind.This sunshine award i would like to give to;Sunshine award goes to......
1.RozzyB ...This person is agood friend ,and an inspiration to all crafters
2.Martine..Such an inspiration to all crafters and generous too.
3.Hannah....Such inspiration to all crafters ,such talent at ayoung age

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Renee G said...

wow Jude! im so honored you thought of me! I do so appreciate your comments on my blog, you never fail to leave one and it so inspires me more and just makes a person feel good doesnt it!? Anyways, thanks so much, your a dear sweet lady!

Sarah A said...

Hi Jude

You are welcome to the sunshine award and you have passed it on to some lovely crafters ;-)

You so deserve the beautiful blogger award as you are such a lovely person with a beautiful kind heart!

Take care Jude

Sarah x

Melly said...

Oh Jude you have such lovely blog friends! But after seeing your fab blog i can see why you so so deserve the awards!!
Sorry im just getting round to thanking for joining my wee blog and putting in for the candy, so busy at min!
Will be following you from now on huni! Take care xxx

rozzy said...

Thank you so much Jude for passing this blog award on to me, its very kind of you :)
I have added it to a new page on my blog, linked back to yours and will pass it on soon

hugs rozzy xx

Melly said...

Oh Jude how so so sweet of you! Hee thats totally made my day! Thanks so much petal!
Will get it all linked up later, aww your just so lovely hee ta sweetie xxx

Risa said...

Hello Jude,
Congratulations on both of your awards! I enjoyed reading your tag and you have a beautiful blog!
Thank you for awarding me as are too kind and I appreciate your act of kindness!
Big Hugs

mae said...


mar1ene said...

Aww Thanks Jude for the gorgeous award :)
sorry I've replied so late but have been away..
Have a fabulous weekend,

Marlene x