Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Addition...not

My Mummy says you want to see what stunner i am! She Wont let me into her Craftroom so here';s some piccy's of me im such a handsome man!!!!Dont you think??Me posing at 10 weeks old
Well as promised better late than never .Bobbie arrived home with us at 8pm and as you can see from the piccys making himself at home!

Time for rest or is it!

Bobbie says no Craftroom then i have other ideas ...Mum's Slipper!

love n hugs

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Terry Oulboub said...

Oh Jude, what a darling little puppy; so absolutely cute little guy...oh look at him! I need a puppy now! And I like the looks of this one - may have to come steal him from ya! :)

Julye said...

Such a cute little man I bet the girls adore him and together they will get into all kinds of mischief , although I think from the piscs it will be Bobbie who takes the lead! Have fun with your new baby Julye

Craftyanny said...

oh I could eaily bundle him up and take hime home, he's gorgeous
Enjoy him but watch those slippers lol

Penni said...

Oh Jude, he is so cute. He looks so sweet and innocent, but I see that this is just to divert your attention from the mischief he gets into.


Wipso said...

Welcome to little Bobbie. I have 3 little cairn terriers [much the same but just different colours] and it really has brought back happy memories of when they were babies. What a little cutie.
A x

Cheryl said...

oh jude hun he is the sweetest wee thing oh would love to give him a cuddle he looks so much like my alice bless his heart,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Max said...

Awwwwwww what a cute wee chap. He'll keep you all on your toes.


Melly said...

Aww so so so cute! What a lovely new addition to your family! Hes just the sweetest lil ting ever hee!!
Melly xxx

Janet said...

He is really cute Jude, I bet the girls are over the moon with him. He's a lovel addition to your family.


butlersabroad said...

Julie he's beautiful! Another distraction to keep you out of your craft room!!


butlersabroad said...

Julie??? Who the heck is Julie!!! Lol.


rozzy said...

ooohhh jude, he is such a sweetie.... the girls will have so much fun playing with him... give him a little hug from me and Mindy :)
rozzy xx (((hugs)))

Tracy said...

Very cute little fella, same name as my son but spelt Bobby. Have fun with him.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Sue from Oregon said...

what a cutie!

Linby said...

I found more of Bobbi - such a cutie!