Thursday, 22 April 2010

No Mojo.....New Pup

Well still not got no mojo ,went to start card this am as all quiet and still in bed .Just doesnt want to flow havent been like this for long while do hope it comes back.Going to sit in the garden enjoy watching them all do the gardening cutting grass...thats the life although would prefer to craft!

RE:Puppy we are going back to see on Wednesday then can bring home Friday So will have no piccys till next week ,but will upload as soon as i get them.this is just what the dr ordered for my daughter who as you know has been bullied and now out of school due to Drs wishes!

"Bobbie "will be with us soon...can't wait!!!

Love n hugs

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Terry Oulboub said...

Hi Jude, how've you been? Great you have a garden to view while you get your mojo back up and running. I think sometimes we get so crafty, our brain needs a bit of relaxation. It just boggles the mind when it happens, though, eh? Take care! ;)