Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WOYWW..78....December Already....Candy Result

Welcome to the First of December!Many in the uk are full of SNOW!Anyways if you want to get away from the snow and take your mind of it why not get a cuppa stay warm.Play along with us nosey bloggers find out more from the boss Julia 's blog here.
Im hoping today can only get better than yestersday.As i went to put heating on as -6 is wee bit parky.Noticed my oil light flashing ,only filled up 3weeks ago.Thought might had power cut,but no worse than that .Some theiving B.............ds (excuse my french)emptied my tank of oil at the bottom of the garden.Even cut through padlock!!!!It does annoy me why should we work so hard for these low lifes to come and pinch the stuff.Police aint bothered one eye owta!
So now had to fork out arather large amount of money to get it refilled.Im still livid now.Sorry for moan over , but had to get off my chest!Im awaiting to hear back from insurance to see if i can claim as nearly £700 pounds had to pay out and just before Crimbo!Not Nice...... .It was cheaper to fill tank than half fill,plus VAT goes up Jan 1st had no choice plus way this weather going will need it!
Anyways enough moaning i hear ya say!
So before we go any further hope your sitting down !!!MY DESK is TIDY compared to past few weeks Hooray i hear you say at last shes seen sense.It got to the stage i couldnt find anything .
Plus i have finished the Paper Bag Album,You all saw peek of front cover last week.If you d love to see the completed album then check it out HERE.Would love to hear your comments so please leave amessage let me know what you think of the album .Just hope the customer is pleased.It is being taken to Switerland on 10thDec....
This weeks desk there are couple completed cards crimbo ones just drying.Couple of images coloured and drying hopefully will be made into cards today as im so behind need to get some in the post abroad the last date to send is getting near.
You can just see to the left of piccy near my cuppa caffee a card not completed as yet .This is a vintage.shabby chic santa.
My Stampin Up order came yesterday you can just see the rolls of beautiful ribbon next to my piled up distress inks.Now aint that
There is a desk there!!!!
Now the below piccy is of my wee Bobbie who is 9 months Westie who has never seen snow this was the very first fall and start of many that came.He absolutely went mad running ,rolling in it. So i just had to show you the end result of the roll.
They are pure clumps of snow stuck to his nose! and Feet!
Just before we get onto the candy result .Anyone with children or grandchildren .Fancy sending them a christmas video link from santa.This is a fab site it's FREE too.But oh my it is fab.Enter your childs details nly asks name,colour eyes ,wether been good,bad ,what they want for christmas.Then you add there email and bingo you will see there eyes sparkle trust me .If your not sure send one to yourself is video of santa in his groto sending message to your child....beautiful !So what ya waiting for here's the link PNP.
Now thanks to all who left comments after MR Linky went AWOL must been the cold .
Anyway the blog candy winner drawn by Random thingy .org
Is.........Drum Roll Please.........
Congratulations ..........hun please email me at contact me by Friday 3rd Dec at 19.00hrs to claim your prize or will redraw.
and i can get your prize in the post.
Thanks to all who entered dont worry im back with another fabby candy for all WOYWWERS
next wednesday!
Have fab wednesday sorry if i didnt get round you all wasnt for want trying last week.Blogger just playing up again!Will do my best this week.

Keep warm keep safe and have fab wednesday
Love n hugs

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A Hovel to Home said...


I feel you pain, we have an oil tank and it must be heartbreaking. So expensive to fill up and it's not like we have much else to heat our homes if we live in a rural situation.

I hope they feel good with themselves taking rather than working!


Kay xoxxo

oneoff said...

So sorry about your oil theft and hope the insurance people get on and do the right thing by paying up quickly. We have an open fire, and I've caught people trying to get in our coal shed twice - presumably looking for tools rather than the black stuff.

Your desk is looking fabulously tidy, and I love your Westie in the snow.

Bernie #9

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm SO sorry to read about your theft. I hope the insurance company pays. What a blow!

I really like what's on your desk. It's quite clean, I think. Bobbie looks like he is having fun, too. What a cutie. And I'm glad to read it wasn't just me who couldn't get your linky to work. Congrats to Peggy on the win.

Stay warm, today (I'm Number 3 this week).

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear you were robbed! That's horrible. Your little Westie is so very cute, and your desk looks fabulous. Have a great day in spite of it all. WOYWWer #11

Serendipity Stamping said...

Stealing someone's heating oil!! How low. This is a new one on me, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised by what people do in this world. New playthings in the mail, how exciting. I am expecting a score buddy, can't wait. Have a better week!! #15

Unknown said...

OMG - i can't believe someone would do that to you - how did no one catch them or notice - it beggers belief. they want their theiving hands chopping off - you used the right word to describe them.

Bobby is lovely - I have a bedlington and clumps of snow stick to him too. So funny to see them running amock in it!

Great tidy desk - always nioe to see someone with something new to add to their stash.

Paula x x x

Sue said...

Hi Jude
am so sorry to read you have had your oil pinched, the buggers.Lovely goodies on your desk, luv the pooch in the snow great piccie,have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

ooh what so and sos to pinch your oil!! love your desk very neat :))
Happy Woywwing!
Jennie #5

Terry said...

I laughed reading about your dog and the snow. My dogs react the same way - they're so excited! I'm so sorry to hear somebody actually broke your padlock to steal your oil! All the best,

Terry (24)

Nikki said...

Jude that Sucks about the oil, hope they get caught !!
Congrats to your winner and fab desk as always hugs Nikki #31

Minxy said...

Space to work, what a treat, loving the tags... sorry to hear about the oil, the filthy low lifes, sending a hug for you x

Helen said...

I am amazed at your restraint in not ranting further!! What lowlife..... Thanks for sharing your desk.

Annie said...

How annoying to have your oil pinched. Hope insurance pays out for you. Love your little westie pic. We have 3 cairn terriers who all come back in from the garden looking like that. It's amazing just how much snow they can get on their legs isn't it?
A x

Carol D said...

Arn't there some rotton B's out there. Hope they spill some and slip and break their bloody necks.

Sweet doggy bet he's loving the snow.

hope your insurance pays out.

Hugs Carol #48

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Jude how horrible - the money and the hassle and the feeling that some bugger can just do that, it's absolutely sickening and then really angry making, your reaction is absolutely justified! Is it any consolation to say that your desk looks fab to my eye - I could walk in and get straight on at your desk, no prob!

Lizzybobs said...

That is so horrid for you hun so sorry - thanks for sharing with us your lovely tidy desk have a great day :o) and keep warm

Bluefairy4U said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear someone's pinched your oil, what goes round comes round they will not have much luck. Hope you do the lottery or something similar and win your money back, it will be given back to you, I am very sure I feel it. Your cards look beautiful and I just adore your Westie, I had one years ago. Lots of love and hugs *71*

Twiglet said...

Great little Westie!! - Wipso has 3 soggy doggies a bit like that!!!

Victoria said...

love the variations of the same stamp on display
vicky 80

Sarah said...

Hope things get sorted soon - and hope you are warm too. Wishing you a good day despite the set back - lovely ribbons there!
sasa 6

airing cupboard crafts said...

How awful about the oil. I hope you are warm and you won't be cold this winter. The police really need to do something about this.

Your desk looks fab hun xx

Laura (83) xx

Ciara said...

There are some real low lives out there. You might remember I blogged about someone stealing the lead flashings from my house a few weeks back. Grrr

Luckily ours have been replaced just in time for this nasty weather.

Love your doggy pic, what a cutie! I just put a couple of different pics of Ellie up as I caught her just before she came inside.


Angie said...

What a great doggy photo....and yes we have used the Santa site ....brilliant ....should have captured the 3 year olds face but was wiping a tear away xx

Nicky said...

What low lifes stealing your oil - my hugs go out to you.

Love your space and your dog is so cute in the snow

Thanks for the link to the Santa site ~30

Cardarian said...

I can't believe what the world is coming to - people stealing oil?????? My God! Sorry about that - I hope you get the money back from the insurance! Doggy is just sooo cute!

Elizabeth said...

How despicable can people be, as you say, low life. I hope your insurance pays up all that is what these thieves rely on - they assume that they are not harming you but you are suffering. Your wee dog is so cute - funny how they just love rolling in the snow.Elizabeth #85

Ali H said...

hi Jude
thanks for stopping by - even if your Dad isn't enjoying the snow at least young Westie is ! We have a big gas tank in the garden for our fuel needs - thankfully harder to nick than your oil - you poor thing ! Ali (29)

Spyder said...

meanies! we got all our Christmas shopping stolen out of our car boot one year, we just remembered we'd forgotten something for Auntie, and parked, nipped in, wasn't more than 15 minutes, came back, boot was empty! as you say, police just shrugged, nothing they could do. Your desk looks busy but I think your puppy dog looks busiest, super cute!

Happy WOYWW!!

Pam said...

Honestly! How low can a person go to steal heating oil. Karma my dear - they WILL get theirs. Now why didn't that puppy bark? I have a Westie too (named Taz - short for Tazmanian Devil) and she barks like crazy, which makes me crazy, when there is someone outside. Hope everything gets better soon {hugs}

Oh, and AmberInk got lucky @#1!

karen said...

How awful that someone would steal your heating oil. I hope insurance will help you out!
Great pic of your doggie in the snow! They do seem to love it (most of them anyway)
And it was nice to see your desk! I was having my doubts that there was a desk under there at all, lol!
Happy WOYWW!
xoxo karen #86

Vicki B in OP NY said...

So very sorry to hear about those nasty thieves. Good people like you don't deserve this, but chin up, they'll get theirs...and it won't be coal in their stockings! How sweet to see Bobby the Westie having a romp in the snow. What a sweet boy. Love your desk. Will look forward to seeing more of your treasures in the coming days. hugs, #115

voodoo vixen said...

You have my sympathy, stealing heating oil really has to be hitting the lowest form of stealing other than grabbing pensioners' money outside the post office... sincerely hope the insurance pay out to cover it!!
Your westie looks like he had a brilliant time in the snow!!


Hi Jude,

Thanks very much for your supportive comments. Funnily enough we did write to our MP at the beginning of the year and he contacted Whitefriars (who are responsible for the man causing out trouble) and they wrote a letter back to our MP implying that it was all tit for tat and that I was failing to do what I needed which was contact the relevant people. At which point are MP disappeared from our view. In the light of current issues I am looking at writing to him again however :(

Zue said...

Sorry to hear about your theft, it really makes me cross that people have the nerve to do such an awful thing.
I tried to click on 'HERE' to find your paper bag creation, but the link is not there. Would have loved to have seen it.

Sue xx 78

Scrapcollectr said...

So sorry to hear about your predicament! Too bad the tank wasn't wired so they'd get a shock! hee hee, just the thought.... And venting is fine, we don't mind....

Thx for stopping by my blog... I have since posted The Card, if you're curious...

Happier days!

Chrissie said...

Very creative looking desk and a really cute piccie of the dog, I bet he enjoyed that roll around!

Anonymous said...

You know, 16 years ago when I left England and moved to the Detroit suburbs I had SOOO many people tell me what an awful place it was, street crime, dilapidated, car jacking, gun crime and god knows what else. And we've seen none of it, absolutely none. In 16 yrs. It's the sheer pettiness of folks nicking you oil and Ciara's lead flashing that just makes me shake my head in shame at the level of society in my own country now. I'm sorry, really sorry that you have to put up with this sort of thing at all.

On the upside though, that's a lovely tidy desk and such a cute Westie in the snow! Hope the insurance pays out.

Brenda 90

KanataNewf said...

Well I hope those thieving stinkers get what's coming to them! Jeepers. At least you have your cutie puppy to cheer you up with his snow antics.

Sheena #123

Create With Joy said...

Popping by to say hello and wish you a wonderful week - your dog looks adorable in the snow and your desk looks great! Unbelievable that someone stole your oil. Karma, baby, karma!


Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Another week seems to have around so quickly. You certainly have got a busy desk with lots and lots of things on it to play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 40)