Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WOYWW.......Still One Messy Craftroom

good morning Woywwers well Wednesday again and unfortunately not alot on the workspace ie creations or crafting.As im hard at clearing out my craftroom ,rearranging,and awaiting new storage.But id youd like to go and have anosey at the other blogs where you may see some creations in the making .Go join in over at the bosses Blog Julia here.
Well sorry girls not much going on in my craftroom this week again .But after last weeks WOYWW you all asked to see my mess well this is what your getting this A big Sure Mess.although it is looking abit better this morning after taking these photos last night i have cleared away another trolley.Now ive youd like some crafty stuff from storage trolleys to Magnolia Stamps.Prima flowers pop by here and see what i have for sale.I shall be adding daily im sure.Hopefully next week i will have my new layout and will add piccys to show you.Plus may have some Clearout candy.....which have bought in specially !
Look at this trolley this is before it was tidyied last night
This is actually my craft desk and corner what a mess think i need thosae Christmas Wowyyer Elfs to help me!Whatcha think??

Heres another trolley this one is now empty and has ben put up for sale .Gosh it is amazing what you find ,how much stuff you really do hoard .The amoutn of stuff ive got to alter and have kept is untrue .But ive made apromise to myself i will alter 1 aweek ...she says time permitting.

At the moment time isnt on my side or this would have been finished by now.But my eldest daughter hasnt been wel now for nearly going on 6months.At long last hubby and i took her back to the drs last friday and demanded they do more tests.Well they listened so glad they did as they have come back abnormal .Her blood tests showing tooo many Neutrophils .Whihc is not good but imnot dwelling on it im being positive they always say Nurses make the worst patients.being a nurse and a mum we have general idea whats going on.Im only hoping im proved wrong and the test comes back positive for Glandular fever although Decembers was negative.So my week has been taken up taking her back forthe to drs and hospital.but im hoping to get the room finished by this time next week as i have DT cards to create.
just hope not thrown my mojo out whilst clearing
Thanks for all your lovely comments and wishes im feeling much better and the Anti-biotics seem to have worked.I just feel these GP's so quick to diagnose Virual infection so they dont need to treat and we suffer in the long run.But hey ho im doing ok!
So i shall be popping by to se all the lovely creations youve been making whilst ive been a Trashing!Hope you liek my new blog design thought new craftroom new blog
Happy Wednesday
Love n hugs
x Jude x :)


Sue said...

Hi Jude
look like a mega sort out going on there, be fab when ist done, hope your daughter is feeling much better soon, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(11)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like you are int the middle of it all, Jude. I hope you didn't throw your mojo out, either, because it is pretty special.

I am saddened to read about your daughter. I sincerely hope all turns out well, and mom/nurse is just being overly protective. Happy WoYWW from # 11.

Susan said...

Good luck with your daughter Jude. I know what it is like to have a sick child and not know the reasons behind it! Hope the test results come back with something easily treated and short term. Hugs to you!

Susan xxox #24

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the anti-biotics sort your daughter's illness. I agree - they are so quick to say "just a virus" and adopt a wait and see attitude. Good you pushed. Good luck getting your DT work done - always hard when worried about a sick kiddie.

Take care

Mary Anne

Shaz in Oz. said...

Sorry Jude to hear about your daughter not being well and hope it is good news you wait for.. pray so anyway..
and well done you on having a clear out and organise.. need some of those Christmas Wowyyer Elves to help me over here too, so when they are finished at your place would you please send them over? ta!
love Shaz in Oz.xx

Spyder said...

Oh my goodiness I think you beat me this week, what a fabulously messy huge!!! crafty space, can I come and play!?!
(I'm still in my small craft room as we can't think how to get a double bed out of the bigger spare bedroom, and up into the attic!)
have a great WOYWW a very late for work ((LYn))

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done Jude. A mega clear out is good for the soul honestly. And your mojo will be back and itching to go when you've finished, believe me!
Good luck, fingers crossed for your DD too. x

Wipso said...

Hope all works oput well with your daughter. These Drs have a lot to answer for.
A x


I love your mess! A clean out is always good for the soul! Hope your daughter gets better soon!

Cathy said...

Great space, and I hope the sort out goes well ... I sort and then keep!!!!
Cathy xx

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Jude, I hope the doctors know how to help your daughter. Said a prayer for her and you too! Yes you do need elves, if only we lived near each other, and actually see each other's messes! I think we'd have a great giggle! Patsy from

Scrapcollectr said...

I'm sending you lots of good health wishes by owl today...I hope you and your daughter feel better soon. Your room will come along slowly and you'll be crafting again in no time....lots of crafty fun ahead.... *smile*
Thx for visiting!

Sandra said...

Sending good wishes to you and your daughter, I hope she's well soon. And good luck with the clear out :)

judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Jude wishing your Daughter good health. You have been busy sorting out. I live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border too, but that covers quite an area! Happy Wednesday, Judith xx

Victoria said...

hope your daughter gets better ti took them 9 months when i was 19 to diagnose gf as my results kept coming back negative, it aparently is quite common to get a negative positive result, mine was only spotted by a consultant xxx

Moy Yin said...

Hi Jude

I am excited to see your new space after this massive clear out. It is worth the effort even though at times now you cannot see the end of this clearing. I have been there before.
You go girl.

Hope your daughter feels better.

Thanks for coming by my desk.
Moy Yin #6

Twiglet said...

All our bestest wishes Jude - if we were closer Wipso and I would be down to be your little house elves!!

sasa said...

Thanks for the visit. Tough week - wishing you strength - and the right doctors!. Maybe the craft sort out will be a bit therapeutic.!

sarah at 17

Mrs A. said...

Sorry to hear about your daugther and hope the news you are waiting for will be good. Thankyou for your well wishes for FIL. He has secondary infections brought on by the cancer which are being treated but as yet he is not responding. It's a worrying time.
Looks like you are into a major rehaul with some very serious clearing out being done. If you find Mojo nail her to your desk!!
Pic of Wimpey was taken this morning. He refused his breakfast just to make a point of how displeased he was having the dirty done on him yesterday.The other two have scarpered just in case its their turns.
Hugs Mrs A.

Pam said...

Not much room on that desk for crafting!!! Hugs Pam x

S said...

I've got a great big bin of things that could be altered too, just never seem to think about them.

Darcy said...

wow that is a stash hoard and a half lol, well done on the sorting out. Hope you get good news on your daughters results.

Drawing blog is for all levels , we have some total beginners joining, its not about being good but about ractising each month to get better. Do feel free to have a go. x

Anonymous said...

Hi hun
great blog layout. love looking at the mess hehe .... i just did some tidying yesterday with mine, i cant believe how messy it was.
I am glad you are on the mend Jude and hope you soon get your results for Sophie and that all is ok,hope they can soon sort things out for the poor lass.
Well my friend, stay positive and give me a ring if you need to talk
love and hugs
June x

Sunshine Girl said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Enjoy having a good clearout your mojo will soon return when you are sorted. Thanks for sharing (46).

oneoff said...

Jude - you're like a permanent ray of sunshine. Even when you have plenty of worries, you just keep on keeping on and smiling as you do it. Wishing you and your daughter all the best, and that you enjoy finding treasures aplenty in your clear out.

Bernie x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jude, hope your daughter gets a definitive diagnosis soon and that it is something that can be quickly dealt with. And good luck with the redd out your having on your craft space. I'm forever, rearranging my storage space and still find I need to do more a few months later - it's all those hauls that does it. Wishing you a better week ahead. Elizabeth x #79

Katie_Bolinger said...

hang the cleaning, organizing and crafting; when your children are sick you are a mom first. Hope they can get her sorted so she's feeling better soon.

JoZart said...

Hope your DD gets her health back on track ASAP. Must be worrying for you all.
Yeah! for your great mess... everyone bar you and me seem to be uber tidy this week so let's keep our side up my dear!
JoZarty x

SDCrafts said...

Thanks for popping by...I understand where you are coming from re ill-health as I have MS. As for being tidy...only at the end of a project before starting another! It has to be that way.

HarmonySweetpea said...

I like to see other people's mess. It makes me feel less guilty about my own but it sounds like you've been busy since. Hope your daughter feels better really soon. How awful she has been unwell for so long x

okienurse said...

I admire your perseverance in clearing up your craft room and getting more organized. I just keep procrastinating and I hope to get it done before the end of the year.

Carola Bartz said...

I love messy. And I sincerely hope that your daughter will be better soon.

Sheila said...

Messy, but that's okay. Hope your elves show up. Take care.

Nicky said...

Your mojo will be sitting waiting in your new tidy craft space - thats still a lot to sort out - hope you daughter get sorted out and on the mend - in answer to your question about the cupcake book its a lined on for £1 from Wilkinsons - a receipe book is wasted on me I am terrible cook but might have to look for the one you suggested and give to my Dh lol ~ Nicky no.9

Kate said...

Hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon - then you can tackle that mess!! Only joking, I love a creative mess.

** Kate **

karen said...

I hope your daughter will correctly diagnosed and on the way to healing very soon!
You have lots of lovely stash there!
Thanks for the visit!
xoxo Karen

Anonymous said...

thoughts for your daughter and thanks for the peek of your space :)

Marlene [55]

lisa said...

Sorry to hear things are difficult at the minute. My thoughts are with you all.
You are certainly having a good clear out there, we all need one from time to time.
Thanks for sharing.
hugs Lisa (127)

Anonymous said...

I hope your daughter can get a proper diagnosis soon, not knowing can be the worst, hope she'd OK, and you too of course. As to your room, I think you win hands down this week!! Can't believe you'd buy in more for a candy when you have so much you could have used instead! Wouldn't bother me in the slightest if the paper pack had a couple of sheets missing or a stamp had been inked!!

Take care,
Brenda 89

Daniele said...

Yep thats one messy desk and looks oh so fun, It is amazing how much stuff we buy and then forget about, I need to make better storage solutions. Glandular fever isn't much fun I remember having that at 15 and was off school for about 3 months as I couldn't even walk at one point, hope your daughter feels better soon

Starla said...

Sounds like you've got your plate full! Sending good wishes for your daughter's health!
Star 102

Chrissie said...

Hi Jude,
Looks like you're being kept busy!
I'm so sorry I'm SO late in visiting but what with my new grandson and my new challenge blog and other family commitments the week seems to have flown.
Chrissie #4

Marjo said...

Good luck with your daughter Jude. Can't believe I am so behind with my visiting. Life just has gotten in the

Looks like you have a gynormous job ahead of you. Have fun...

Thanks for the peek and sharing, Marjo Lucky #2

MaggieC said...

Hope your daughter's health is soon restored to normal. We had a similar problem with a family member which took months to pin down properly as it was not truly exact in its symptoms.

Lorraine A said...

i loved haveing a snoop through your crafty area :-) You have some fab goodies there !! :-)
Hope your daughter feels better soon xx

Lols x x x(94)

Ohhh Snap said...

I hope your daughter is back to normal soon. I rather like sorting things as I get forgetful when I put things away and then when I re-find them it's like free shopping. Perhaps you can make some pocket projects to occupy you whilst you wait. #101

My Journey to Hope said...

It's great that you do fundraising for alzheimer's. There's a lot of work in process being done to develop medicines and prevention. God bless you and your family!

:) Michelle

Jinny Holt said...


Love your workspace, stuff every where.....thanks for sharing!

and thanks for stopping by

Kind regards

Jinny x