Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW....94....Certainly Not My Mojo

Good Morning all i cant get my head round the fact we are nearly in April !Where has this year gone.Maybe spending every wednesday doing the .If you'd like to do the same then why not pop by Julia's blog the Stamping Ground find out what it's all about join in the fun.Well i didnt do so bad last week got round most of you apart from a couple with wrong links but hey how will try again this week.
First of all i have a wee game for you yes .On my floor is a box which i received last Thursday What i want you to try and guess is what ever came in it.Now dont cheat the piccy and answer is at the bottom of this post.I will give you a clue it came Via courier DHL........
Now im afraid my mojo has gonna a missing im suffering this week So pleased i have got my 100th WOYWW creation made incase it dont return!.I cant use the left arm .I went back to hospital on Monday for my results and they have referred me over to Neurology now and have to wait until 12th May to see consultant .So im sure what im experiencing down my left side of face also is to do with what he told me that it's highly likely i have MS.
All these letters i should put after my name you now as htese proffessionals do.
Jude..RGN ........ME/CFS,MS.FIBRO
Im trying to find my Mojo i think must stayed at
I have 3 things on my desk im at present trying to do .Below as you can see have had distress inks out and getting inky over weekend whihc still here today.Plus a Domino tile i altered and covered with Clear Rock stickles.Ready for some inspiration to finish.

This shows couple other projects for mothers day on Sunday whihc doesnt give me long to get sorted .Had to cover one up on the right as is DT creation you can just see the spray of blue flowers.
Now after showing you all my wee charms and trinkets last week .I had creative inspiration to take them out an old stampin up box and fill my chest with them whihc i did but felt it was too plain.
So on wednesday and thursday i covered and created it into a chest for my charms .
Do hope you like what ive done .
Top of chest covered in bits torn papers crackl;e paint and old paper and antique linen inks added.
This is the front of my box i may still add somemore bits to top of the chest when mojo returns.As think it looks bit bare .Dont you?
The wee ribbon i was sent in a swap.If you want to see more piccys will be above this post as ive entered it into a challenge or two.

Now for the biggie...yes delivered by DHL whom i told i hadnt ordered anything big.
Hubby was there also and he hadnt .The only thing id ordered was abook!
Tim holtz book ive been after .DHL man said nope wont be that!
What awaste of money and packaging .Yes it was my Tim Holtz book off Amazon came in box this size by DHL.......Laughable but at same time what a waste of money.IT could have easily gone large letter recorded.The good thing was i opened it up and DHL man was sat outside doing paper work .I just shouted yep was my book!He came out to check we laughed but at same time what waste .Obviously Amazon have money to waste!Still can't beleive it really..laughable
Anyways thanks for all the lovely messages and i will hope to get round you all this week again.
Health permitting
Love n hugs

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Neet said...

No wonder you never imagined it was your book in that parcel!
Sorry to read about your diagnosis - you really are going through it aren't you!
On a brighter note - I love your chest (the wooden one LOL)what a super job you hve made of it.
Thanks for sharing.


Dragon said...

Sorry you are not so good and I hope your mojo gets better soon!!! Have a great week with this fab desk

Minxy said...

OMG thats hilarious {and yes a total waste of postage} i guess they ran out of little book wrap boxes lol
Still you can make good use of the cardboard no doubt!
Hope your mojo returns soon x
Stay Inky
Minxy x

Caroline Hallett said...

Sorry you are ill but it is not stopping you making some awesome projects - love your charm box - its beautiful

Rebekah said...

Goodness me I can't believe they sent the book in that size a box! I hope you get some confirmed results soon about your health, hugs Rebekah xx 57

glitzygirl said...

Doctors have been wrong before, keep up the good faith. Be careful not to always to accept what people speak over you. Only the good stuff!! Hope you will be in top form again soon. You should send Amazon the photo, let them know what is going on. Thanks for the snoop, blessings Hilde

Anonymous said...

Odd packaging as Amazon over here are really quite good and careful with their packaging! Very sorry to hear about your potential diagnosis, although I think I'd rather know than have to worry about all the things it might be. My sister has MS, some days you wouldn't know anything is wrong, hope you're able to keep it under control and carry on enjoying your life. Love the projects on your desk this week. Good luck with the challenge.

Brenda 84

Karen said...

Gosh what a waste sending the book in such a huge box?? I hope your results come back with positive news and your mojo returns quickly, take care :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #11

MaggieC said...

I had something similar when I ordered an Ottlite from Create and Craft. It was in its own box, inside a much larger box, packed around with crinkled up paper. That box was inside a huge box, with so much air (you know the big air bubble packing). Another waste of space, packaging and money.

Hope you are feeling a little better, and things continue to improve.

JoZart said...

That chest is such a lovely object it will be really desired by WOYWWers! It's so thoughtful of you to plan ahead after getting your diagnosis. Hope things get better..... you deserve it!
JoZarty x

Victoria said...

the chest is beautiful
happy woyww
vicky - angeldrummer number 41

Sam said...

P'raps they have had too many complaints about the packaging being inadequate! I know I have sent two books back recently that were damaged as the packaging was no good!!
Like your chest! Just as well we know what we are talking about!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Love your trinket chest!
What an absolute waste, good old Amazon.
Hope you find your mojo soon sweet cheeks.

Mrs A. said...

Well that really does take the biscuit!! I was going to say a laptop so I was way off mark.
Hope you enjoy the book anyway.
Hugs Mrs A. #54

Pam said...

Your mojo can't have gone far Hon because your charm box is fab. Hugs Pam x

Carola Bartz said...

I'm sos orry about your diagnosis and I admire how you're keeping on doing beautiful projects. And that packaging is a joke!!!

Alisonw30 said...

Never would have guessed about the book! Love the trinket chest x

Marjo said...

To funny, at least you up-cycled the box. I love the way it turned out.

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a wonderful WOYWW. Hugs, Marjo #154

Wipso said...

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Good luck,
A x

Cardarian said...


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis - it isn't confirmed yet - it might not be as bad as you think! You must always look on the bright side! I don't see that your mojo is gone because you have so many projects on the go - love that chest! Very nice work! Yes I have also recieved a package with 2 punches in it big enough for me to hide in it ( not really ha, ha)
Lots of hugs,

Elaine Harding said...

How funny! Love your altered art!

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Love all those stamps on your desk, the altered chest is brilliant and OMG what a complete joke that is re. the huge box. - CRAZY!!!
I really hope you feel better soon - take care
rebecca xxx (32)

Clare /aka/ Mummushka said...

Hoping you feel better fast!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone I enjoy visiting all the WOYWW's.

The Crafty Elf said...

Your charm box is just darling! I can't believe the packaging. That is crazy stuff.

okienurse said...

I got a package of paper from someplace last week that was packed in a huge box with a ton of paper! Another waste! I met with the neurologist last week and he told me that he didn't think I had any neuro problems and referred me to a Fibro specialist who I haven't seen yet. Today I had an appointment with a disability doctor who after my appointment told me he thought in addition to the CFS/Fibromyalgia/Restless leg/etc/etc/ etc that he thinks that it is highly likely that I have early stages of Parkinsons Disease. So that would be Vickie RN BSN...CFS/FM/IBS/RLS/PD etc. Keep your chin up. I keep joking with my husband that it is actually a bad case of gas! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Praying for you in it all, Jude and I guess knowing will help you know what path to take.. and pray for wisdom in all things that it will come good for you..
I have two friends here with it, one is a young mum with three children they have found the new treatments very beneficial to them...
..and re. box had the same issue with stuff from States seems they have paper
+ box overload there...
and sorry am late Happy WOYWW internet went down! better late than never!
Shaz in Oz.x