Tuesday, 26 July 2011

WOYWW........112...Creative Mess

It is silly "O" Clock in the morning i have been up creating you will see what at the end of the post.But before we get onto what ive been up to ,yes it's wednesday and it's the day when we can snoop at other crafters desks until our hearts content.Going around the world without moving from our seats all thanks to "The Boss"over at the Stamping Ground.

Before i get onto my desk whihch last week was not at all tidy and to be honest todays not much better ,but instead of messy it's creative...well i like to call it that makes me feel

You will be pleased to hear on friday the dreaded tooth got pulled yep!Not an easy task believe me 40 mins of pulling tugging the wee bliter came out.I have to say at one point thought my jaw bone was coming too Ouch!!Still very painfull...Anyways enough of that now onto my desk this week.

Well it's one of those past few days where i have more than 1 project on the go why do i do it you ask?Don't know just do so got lots things on the go.First the red canvas you can see im doing a collage for my eldest big fan twlight Rob Patz..don't ask not seen one film and not going to either!Anyway the canvass i found in a Sue Ryder charity shop on friday on my way to dentist.A pack of 3 canvass boards 18x 25cm...Bargain price £1.They have alot of canvasses ,and arty stuff brand new so maybe worth popping in if you have one.I have used distress stains on it thats as far really as ive got.Just getting bits pieces out ready.

This is the otherside of my desk which has few items in the making all need finishing off.A few tags and ATC's.Few charms at the ready near blue flower is bottle cap with bees wax in and a charm.I have also made this week a wee book from Tim Holtz.
That i found on you tube click above to see how to make .As yet not distressed or added anything ,also whilst i was there found an ATC pocket folder made from 1 sheet 12x12 you can view that here also again i have to get these finished to hold atc's for swap .Just thought different to send rather than in wee plastic bags.You can decorate as you like.The book at the front 2 Atc folders pocket books behind in below piccy.

ATC Book Extended
To Show Pockets
This piccy below was a great find couple years ago .In my local newsagents in the village.I have decorated the front by drawing then painting my design using twinkling H20's.I gringe when i see it now as i dont do drawing...lolThis shows you one of the pages filled with ATC's ive made or have been sent.Just so you get idea of the inside.Each page has 3 rows of 3 pockets so you can put them in back to back and make more of the storage if you like.

Why you ask am i showing this again....Well on Monday i popped in our local spa guess what they had them on sale for £2!!

You will never guess what they are surpose to be for?but ideal size for ATC's or inchies as storage

This is what it is ...It is a football album the ones kids by the packs cards for.They are in shops now obviously not selling too well.It also had 3 packs football cards and a game of some sort which i gave to my friends son.

Now i will gesso the cardboard and decorate to whatever i like .There i have another ATC folder .Theres 21 pages and can have atc's in both sides back to back.Now they normally sell for £4.50 but mine was reduced .I surpose due to football season starting up again didnt want to get rid maybe? I didnt argue it just caught my eye.Thought id let you know incase any of you looking for some storage .It also holds some tags too.So that was my bargain of the week.Havent yet thought about how im gonna decorate this one as yet .

I have just been sat watching Old Gordon tryng to put the resturants in USA to rights in hells kitchen.
I was sorting out my lace productive and lazy at the same time ,maybe catching 2 birds with one stone as they

Started messing with the lace and tried something out with a needle and thread .

This is what the thread and lace turned out like.

Yep i made some handmade lace flowers ,for my first attempt didnt think they turned out too bad!What ya think!?You can add brads,buttons ideology bits to the centre
as you can see in below photo have added a pearl just to show you.

How i came about making them was i received a beautiful cream crochet flower large one yesterday from a friend thought gosh if only i could crochet that well.Instead i did the nearest thing and used lace.

Well im off to bed now as my clock says 2am.Gosh doesnt time fly when you get carried away crafting.I will be up at 5.30am as hubby off to work.But i thought id do this post now.As nothing gonna change on my desk before then.

So hope your all well and creating or like me and 2 days in to kiddo's holidays wishing it was the first week yes im wishing the summer away,but then what summer ?think we had our summer in April/May here in uk!
Lately it has been more like October weather rain wind and more rain!!!

Anyways have great wednesday and a creative week ahead!

All you peeps who are scorching in the USA heat wave don't be greedy send it to us!!!

There again wed prob moan as it would be too hot!

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peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, so many interesting things in your post today! the pocket folders for ATCs are great! i have a big folder like yours and i've always planned to decorate the cover. good for you to have decorated yours. i especially like the flowers you painted.

Ohhh Snap said...

I have the fan pointed to the UK lol. Actually it is better now, but last week it was 100 in the shade with a heat index of 108... that's just unpleasant lol. The only good thing is that it makes 86 seem balmy.

DD and I love watching Gordon's shows, including the old Kitchen Nightmares, uk.

BTW I love your handpainted ATC!! The ATC book is brilliant. Love the projects you are working on! BTW DD wanted to see Twilight, and it wasn't as bad as I feared... though my expectations were very low lol.

Happy WOYWW :D

GlorV1 said...

Oh, a lot of great things on your desk. Love it! Your atc is great, love the flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

Hope your mouth is feeling better after all that tugging. But at least it is finally out! Fab creative desk this week Jude with lots going on. love your ATC holder and those flowers are fab, might have a go at that one!
Cathy xx

Sue said...

Hi hun
ouch with the tooth glad it came out eventually, hope it soon feels better, great projects on show, lovely atc book, you lace flowers are gorgeous,thanks for the mocch, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Sarah said...

Call it a work in progress desk! Fab flowers and ATCs - looking good. Hope you feel better too.
thanks for the peek today! Sarah (Sasa at 1)

Hope and Chances said...

Lots to look at - thank you! Pity you with the tooth - ouch! Flowers turned out brilliantly, be great to see them on a project.. :)

HeARTworks said...

Wow! You've been extremely busy! I especially like the lace flowers! Patsy from

Helen said...

What a marathon post - glad you got your tooth sorted! Love all your work today, you have been very busy.

Annie said...

Such a lot of fab things on your desk but I'm still cringing over your dentist experience. Bless you. Really hope the aching settles down very soon.
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I like the tag/card with the moon on a green background - great image. Your little lace flowers are really sweet, they've inspired me to have a go! xx

Kyla said...

Sue Ryder and Spa-I really need to keep my eyes peeled. Loving all your makes, thanks for sharing.

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Sounds very busy today. Like all your ATC things. Especially the book and maps. I have a bargain storage book for my ATC's too, but I have to pimp it up. Now it's a storage book for children. Thanks for sharing.

NatashaMay said...

Love all the projects on the table. :) That's a great find for ATC storage. I'll have to find some for me, too. :)

nerllybird said...

You've been busy! I have one of those football card folders from a charity shop - it was full of cards too, which I'm gradually getting through, using them as ATCs. Means I have to cover the front and back, but that's not too much hassle.

The flowers look great, and your drawing is lovely too!
Helen S

JoZart Designs said...

whew! I'm worn out just reading your post with all you've done... .get some sleep or you'll be collapsing!!
Glad the tooth situation is on the mend.. .I've got mine to come but it's only broken, no pain YET!!!
Love JoZarty x

Glenda said...

Goodness, there is so much going on here today! Love your storage for your ATC's

Di said...

Hi Jude - I'm off for a lie-down after reading your post! So much to share, just great. Glad the tooth finally came out - at least the trip to the dentist was useful on the craft front, love the ATC storage. Happt WOYWW! Di xx

Lulabelle said...

Lovely things on your desk! Great books and find!

Minxy said...

my goodness you sure have been busy, one can totally understand a little messy desk with all that creativity going on, each project is totally fab, i especially like the tim folders.
Oh and snap i store all my ATC's in those pockets, there just darn perfect aren't they.
have a great week
hugs Minxy

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jude, great post - lots of interest to look at ... all that work in progress looks fab. Your flowers are lovely and they are something that you can make whilst watching TV. Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying good weather because up here, in Ayr, the sun is cracking the pavement - it's just not fair. Other than that, I hope you are having a great day. Elizabeth x #59

Sam said...

Wow Jude you've certainly been busy hun and that Twilight canvas is gonna look fab when it's finished too.
Sam x

Sarn said...

Fabulous pictures and what a bargain for your ATC folder!

Happy WOYWW . . . thanks for visiting me too!

Hugs, Sandra

The Crafty Elf said...

Well I'm certainly glad for you that the nasty tooth is gone! Heal quickly and hope the discomfort is eases soon for you. So much to see on your desk today....WOW, you've been very busy. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds and super creations....Happy WOYWW ;D

Angie said...

My son used them for 'Super Hero' cards ...before he became a dad ....bless. I love those lace flowers ...brilliant for vintage ...I think Ijust might have a the atc pockets you made, too.

Hettie said...

Wow you have covered alot on your posting today!!
Those lace flowers are looking good and what a bargain with the new atc books!
Glad you are feeling a little better with your toothie peg out now! I was at the dentist on Monday and needed nothing done - phew!!

Harborough Dad said...

A Creative Mess - love it! Thanks for sharing. xx

Chrissie said...

Wow, fabulous projects!
Thanks for the snoop.

Shoshi said...

Aren't you a busy bee? I love all that you are doing - lovely colours, lots of interest. I've got some of those ATC folders too and have one pinned on my board with the few I've been sent so far - I'm still a baby in the ATC world! I've just started crochet again after many years and am making up some small flowers to make into embellishments. Didn't have any in time for my WOYWW photo but maybe next week?

Teresa Kline said...

wow, amazing creations....I adore the look of grunge and the flowers....adorable......hope your weekend is awesome!

enjoy *~*

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have been busy. So busy, I can barely keep up. Your tooth coming out must have been the catalyst. I like that ATC holder, and I have a bunch of those plastic or vinyl holders I also use for ATCs. Happy WOYWW.

Dragon said...

WOO, what a lot you have on show this week.... clever to notice those holders are the right size... might just have explore that one!!

Ps thanks for your lovely comments on my blog

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! What a lot going on here. No wonder you were up 'til the wee small hours!

Neet said...

Great makes, great finds and a great creative desk Jude. So glad you got that offending tooth taken care of - trying to "pluck up my brave" to go to the dentist myself.
Stay safe - Love, Neet x

Neil said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your desk, i'm on a mad dash round, places to go and things to see, so can't stay for a chat! Have a good week.
Clever atc holder!

Twiglet said...

Brilliant bargain and a great bit of storage too. Glad your tooth is sorted and hope it soon gets back to normal for you.

SueH said...

You made me feel tied reading your post Jude because you’ve been up to so much this week and very interesting it all looks too!

I’m loving everything but your TH style ATC folders look fab and as you say so much nicer than sending them out in a plastic bag, it makes them that little bit special.

Thanks for stopping by blog and leaving your message, it’s always appreciated.
You asked about taking pictures in Buckingham Palace - We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the palace itself but in the Queens Gallery and gardens were fine. You a=can see some of my pictures Here

Happy Crafting!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Jude, thanks for popping over! sorry running late! my "end of weeks" seems to be very busy would be better if on Monday or weekend for me.. not worry better late than never.Smiled at your comment at more than one card on the go, and love your desk so much interesting stash. Happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

okienurse said...

great looking and very creative desk this week! Love all the things you shared. I saw that book on TH site! Nice. Love the lace flowers. I'll have to try that. I am with you on Rob P! I have seen all the movies and I would have to be on Team Jacob if I had to choose sides! Sorry I am so late getting around but haven't felt well this week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Coleen said...

I like these cute little rosettes. I really should make some. Having fun with these dominos. Even entered another swap for them.

Coleen in Ukraine