Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WOYWW........132....OH Christmas Tree.

Good Morning Wednesday anf yes it's come round so quick this week that it's scary how fast December is actually going.Anyways time for peek at all those lovely craft desks around the world.If you would like to join in pop over and see our very own Boss Julia so pop over to her blog Here and join in the fun!

Well girls this is a long post so grab coffee our we sitting comfortably then i shall begin to tell you the desk is CLEAR!!!!Yep you heard right as i have finished Tim's 12 tags .So now i am cleaning up well actually think the Elf helped.So below piccy was state of paly this moring

Oh to right of my work station where i just push and pile well still needs a tidy up.

But not much !

Now before i show you all the piccys of Eleveden and the dogs which all waitng for last week.Here is a piccy of some of the tags ive made over the past few weeks for:
12 Tags christmas Funkie Junkie style
12 Tags of Christmas Tim Holtz Style I havent got a big enough board some ive laid down Tag 12 of Tims you can see in the next post from yesterday if you scroll down.

Now these are my crimbo decorations on my window sill and front window of the house .My wee display which all light up.

Now as promised piccys of Eleveden Forest where we go and get our real tree.This year we had trouble as the guy had said due to lack of rain in East Anglia the trees had suffered .Anyways after hunt in the cold we found the one they wanted...about time i was frozen
Piccy of old fashioned fair ground

All the ~Trees to choose from

This piccy above is the New foundland dogs waitng to take the trees to the car for you in the carts
Now this one is ours below piccy.It was the dogs first time as he is only apuppy!!!Yes he's just 1year old so that tells you what size they grow to.Her name was "Misty"gorgeous!

Daughter giving misty goodgye cuddle as we had arrived and it was her turn to go back and get someone elses tree to carry.All this is done for charity and last year they made huge amounts for the hospices.

This one is 4yrs old and still growning just to show you the size.The piccies i rezied to email instead web,,,durrrh so sorry for size.!

Then here it is all decorated and home!

So after horrible week since i spoke to you last wednesday.Hope fully things are looking up fingers crossed and i wont count my chicken too soon.

Have lovely week not long left to do the shopping .Im not at all ready or even a wee bit excited .I think everything that went on last week in life certainly put downer on.Once gorsl finish school friday we hopefully get in the mood!

Take care wrap up warm if your not around next Wednesday for some reason.

Have wonderful Christmas and all the best for Creative New Year!

See you next wed! I will have some NEW YEAR CANDY ON OFFER!!
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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope things get better this week. It's no fun to be sick anytime, much less Christmas. I am in awe of your Tim Tags and how you kept up with them. BTW, I was very impressed with your green grass. No green grass in my world. Just brown and dead. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hey dear, just read your comment. I STILL can't access my e-mail account, so will have to find another way to send my address. I might have to visit my neighbor and use her e-mail address.

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaw, those dogs look fabulous and what a wonderful way to get your tree to the car!! You put me to shame.. your decs are up and tree is done... I am being a Scrooge and haven't started yet!! Ba Humbug... DH isn't home till the 22nd so I have plenty of time to make the place festive...
Will email you E's addy... soon as I find your email... I'm blonde remember!!

voodoo vixen said...

Sent!! and I forgot to say how fabby the tags all looked... what a display!!

Neil said...

Good morning; thought I'd pop in to say Hi quickly. Your tags are great! Hope you have a fabulous and creative week. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us today. Lovely photos of the dogs and your tree is beautiful.
Neil #13

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

lovely christmas decorations!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

The tags look wonderful and that Christmas tree looks amazing...puts our rather sad effort to shame... have a great creative week...xx


Hi, did you manage to sort things out? I do hope so. I can't get quite into it all this year, not sure if it so much making and not wondering round the shops, the lack of Birmingham Market or the change of routine, the colds that won't go away or........... Maybe everything! Looking forward to winding down and waffle brunch that should help!

Neet said...

Oh Jude, the doggie photos are super. Love them and what gorgeous dogs. Thank you so much for sharing. Just wish blogger would let us see them in a larger size like it used to when you click on them.
Absolutely gorgeous window, how fabulous it looks, bet the girls love it, and the tree.
Great tag display too.
Take care, hugs, Neet xx

Helen said...

Great pics!! Love your window sill decorations - how festive! Hope you are better soon. Happy WOYWW, helen at 3

okienurse said...

I think the pictures of your tags are awesome! I am only about half finished but a good couple days and they will be done. Love the little dogs toting your tree to the car! The tree looks beautiful btw! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Vickie #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love your little village on the windowsill - soooo cute!! But I have serious decoration envy..what is that turquoise glitter ball hanging up in the window and where did you get it?? I LOVE it :)
Hugs, LLJ #34 xx
PS The dogs were fantastic, I can see why they help raise loads of money!

Ann B said...

24 tags completed, well done you, and the display is looking great. All that and still time to get your tree and put up your decorations - fantastic. I have one of those little houses, mine is a candlemaker's shop, don't they look cute when lit up?
Ann B

Annie said...

Your tags look amazing Jude. Love the pics of those dogs and what a great job they do raising money. You've done a great job with the tree. Hope this week is a great one.
A x

Joanne said...

Fabulous tags Jude, well done. I would go buy a tree now just to have one of those dogs deliver it to my car. How exciting. Happy Xmas, see you in 2012.
Hugs Joanne xx

JoZart said...

Such an interesting festive post. Well done can making all those lovely tags and I'd love to see them hanging up somewhere as a decoration.
I love your window ledge snow scene too. No work there! Thanks for visiting me !
Lv JoZarty

Morti said...

Well I never! I've seen Bernese Mountain Dogs pulling carts, but never Newfies! I'm well familiar with the size of them though, because I have a Pyrenean and they grow to the same size.

The tags look fab, and your tree looks great. I normally don't like real trees because they're not symmetrical enough for my liking, but yours is! Nice one.

Thanks for stopping by - Morti@21

MvM-design said...

Love the tags!!
Have a great creative Wednesday!!

Hugs Marleen #12

Spyder said...

Great tags and really fab pictures, it all looks like great fun was had by all, Have a crafty week! HaPpY WoYwW!
((lyn))) #40

May said...

Your tags are amazing, love your window scene, happy Weds, Hugs May x x x x x

Pam said...

Fantastical tag display! I'm quite intrigued by those horses...I mean dogs tho! I'd get my tree there for that reason alone, although yours does look beautiful all decorated and pretty. Ack! That is on my list today. Thanks for the reminder :D

Robin Panzer Art said...

Wow your tags look great! Love your tree too! ~Happy WOYWW #85 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

Debs Willis said...

Great tags! Was much too late to join in, but yours look fab!

Happy woyww Debs #89

Doone said...

HAppy Woyww, and wow your house looks very festive, your tags are super, and the tree is very lovely

dx (90)

Elizabeth said...

Well Jude, it looks as though we have both been going through the wars, for various and different reasons, recently but as life seems to come in peaks and troughs I think we're about due a peak now. Love the photos on your blog today - Misty is just too cute and what a way to buy your Christmas tree. Here's to a better week for you. Elizabeth x #66

Michelle Jaramillo said...

Oh those tags are to die for!
Love your tree too!

Happy WOYWW!


Twiglet said...

Fab festive post Jude - I love your tags and your tree. I hope you have room for a tiny Christmas visitor! x Jo

fairy thoughts said...

well done for finishing the tags, quite an acheivement and they all lok great
happy woyww

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I am loving seeing what different people have done for the 12 tags. I could never keep up. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us!

Julie said...

Love your Tags Jude! You did an amazing job on them!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Your decorations are fabulous, and those doggies are so cuddly, what a lovely idea to carry the trees. Well done for finishing the tags, they look fab! Sharon #97

lisa said...

Well done on managing all the tags, they look fantastic. I have definite tag envy now!!
What a brilliant way to go and choose your tree, a real event and I love those dogs. My DD would want to take them all home.
Your decorations are looking gorgeous. The little village is so beautiful.
Happy WOYWW and glad you enjoyed your coffee!!
Hugs Lisax #54

VonnyK said...

Your tags are fantastic, so detailed.
We can't have real trees for Christmas here, they would be dead in a few days, we have real plastic ones!
Hope you week is better and have a great Christmas, I will be playing next week so no post.

minnie_mac said...

Well done getting all the tags done already. They look fab.


Bridget Larsen said...

Love your tags and that Christmas scene on your window is just adorable
Bridget #24

Sam said...

There seems to be alot of the lurgy around at the moment and as an asthma sufferer I try to keep away from anybody who is infected like the plague.
Lovely tags and gorgeous tree.
Have you tried taking Barrocca? It is a tablet which you add to water to make a drink which you take every day! Try it, it may help you!

TangolikeRaindrop said...

Lovely tags! I'm still popping around peeking at WOYWW desks when I get a chance. I've uploaded some photos of the finished dresses, if you wanted to have a peek. I was told that I will be getting some photos of the dancers in them too, which I am really pleased about. Cheerio eenoo! :)

505whimsygirl said...

Wow - those tags look great!! I will have to make some tags over the holiday break.

It's Sunday here and I'm still getting around to visiting everyone's posts. If only I could take a day off from work......

Happy WOYWW #82