Tuesday, 28 February 2012

WOYWW 143......Shock ,Horror....It's Tidy....

Oh my i hope your sitting down as boy you in for a wednesday again so time to snoop around the craft desks of the world and see what everyone has been upto.So first pop along visit the Boss Julia and join in with this wednesday madness it's fab and addictive!

Yes i have actually done it the room of stash my craftroom is now tidy heard right it's these photos ive just taken this evening to show you how clean my craftroom is and is going to STAY that way!.

There's no push to the left ....yeah no pile clear ,clean and tidy

No Push to the Right either Omg i can hear you say the girl has done it!Yep shes' done it!!!and still no mojo.....Not good is it ,ive looked in every box ,space and no be found .Just have to wait for my Tim Holtz compendium vol 2 to arrive maybe i shall find my mojo in there!

Above piccy is an old spice rack thats been there awhile just not tidy or neat before.Now i have my Distress bottle inks and sticklers.In front of that my scorpal tape and my pen and tool holder.My light has my pocket watch few clips hanging.

This piccy above is of the far side wall housing my draws ontop draws items ive made and lucky enough to win.My vagabond and set draws with charms /ideology bits in .Along from that my chest and frame i was sent with basket flowers hanging from the wall.I also at long last fixed my board to the wall which at the moment has my tags from tims 12 tags and Funkie junkies tags from dec2011.The piccy below still the same side but showing my carousel all tidy.Plus my stamping folders.

This is my paper shelf below with my jars flowers colour coded. Also altered Paint tin which holds my small roses ,leaves and other bud flowers.Ontop of that is a hanger which i received in my craftbarn candy i won before christmas .Yes i had forgotten about it and boy did i get shock when i found this box under the desk full of goodies id won from the craftbarn which i had forgotten i hadnt put away.My two Tim Holtz cases, large full of distress inks,stains,glimmer mists ,paint dabbers ect.The smaller one is have to say full of more ideology bits n pieces as well as charms.The small red box you can see has got a couple of Easter creations i never finished from last year ,and some empty bottles i need to wash out so i can reuse.

All the draws have been emptied sorted and i just have 1 more to sort through thats my Tim Holtz ,vintage ,emphera and steampunk draw,which is jammed packed full.
I don't think ive done too bad as ive had his rotten tooth ache on anti-b's now go back next week to dentist.But sticken cold i just can't shift now left me with sore chest!Never mind .

Friday we got called into Sophie's school for meeting and was amazed at the way they treated us for once !(only since the Gp spoke on the phone nd sent letter)We have now got the opd through to see the consultant on 19th march .Sophie misses school and it was deceided that she would go back 2 days aweek if she was feeling ok?that would be tuesday and friday .Also she would only have 2 lessons in moring and then have sleep/rest time and 3 further lessons.Well yesterday she felt upto it, so she went but by 11am she was absolutely shattered but carried on for whole day even if her form tutor told her she looked pale and ill and shouldnt be in ...that realy cheers you up.Since arriving home and having bite to eat .Since 6pm she is fast asleep on the sofa where i am leaving her.

We had to go get a pair school trouses saturday couldnt believe she's gone down to size 8 from 14-16.This does concern me the amount shes loosing and how ghastly she looks .All we can do know is continue with meds and await the outcome on the 19th .Not long to go i surpose as 1st March tomorrow think i slept through's praying March is the turn and we have some good luck coming are way ..i live in hope!
Have wonderful wedensday .I have had mass clearout and have some items for sale cheap,and most new on my blog HERE if interested and email me as items selling fast will delete once sold.

Will try and get round you all this week i promise think managed half last week amidst my tooth ache and clearout!

Brenda and Shaz your candy is in transit sorry een late just havent had much time .Watch out soon my blogoversary candy is coming up and oh boy treats for you!
Love n hugs

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Hazel said...

Very neat and tidy workspace - I wonder how long it will stay like that? (Hazel, WOYWW# 5) x

Deb said...

looks fabulous! I had a spruce too, it is so lovely to sit at a nice tidy desk, don't know how long it will be though! Will be watching to see if yours stays tidy too!
Happy WOYWW, Deb #14

Elizabeth said...

Very neat and tidy indeed! I hope your mojo returns soon. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I feel for your toothache, and now your feeling bad, on top of having to deal with Sophie's problems. That poor child!

But you can be very pleased with yourself because your room looks absolutely HEAVENLY. I would LOVE to come play in your room! Too bad I live so far away. Happy WOYWW from #3.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm getting tidier since doing this Wed work table sharing.I love your space!!

May said...

Poor Sophie, I really hope this is sorted on the next visit to docs!! as this poor girl has been through enough!!bless her.
Your room is sooooooooo tidy, I do hope mr mojo turns up with your sir Timmie book!! Hugs May x x x

Spyder said...

I popped over earlier and saw how tidy your desk was! (come and do mine too!) I could sell a few things too! HaPpY WoYwW Have a crafty week.
((Lyn) #20

sandysewin said...

I'm impressed with all the organizing, it looks great! And you did it with a toothache, those are the worst.

Hope you feel better and things get better with your daughter.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #33

okienurse said...

awesome looking workspace this week. SO neat and tidy. I am glad o hear that your daughter is well enough to go back to school but sad to hear she is still not well! Poor little Sophie she has had more to deal with this year then she should have at her age! I hope they can get her all better soon. Have a great week. Vickie

sandra de said...

Your neat and tidy space is amazing. It must of taken you ages to do such a thorough clean up. Hope all goes well with your little one, sounds like she has had a very tough time.

Danielle said...

You did such a good job with the cleaning. It looks great! dani43

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh my, i think i need some smelling salts!

good job on your tidy up. it's always nice to see some victories in the cleaning up department. makes me want to tidy up!

happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Bridget Larsen said...

wow that is clean, well done
Bridget #15

scrappymo! said...

Your poor daughter sounds very ill. size 16 to an 8 is half her goodness you must be concerned.

Lovely tidy desk and thanks for the little tour.

Annie said...

Love your tidy space.....I'm sure I can see your mojo hiding in one of your tidied boxes :-)
Such a worrying time for you all with Sophie still not well. Hope the consultant has all the answers for you and she starts to regain her strength and fitness asap.
A x

Helen said...

It sounds as if you have had more than enough to cope with other than tidying your craft space - but it looks great - keep it up.
Happy WOYWW, Helen 32

Neil said...

Hi there, thanks for letting us peek this week and I hope the rest of the week gives you some creative time too. I really hope and pray that March is better for you and your family as it seems to have been a difficult time for you! Your room is wonderfully tidy too.
Neil #61

Ann B said...

Wow, how tidy is that, you must be chuffed to bits with that - but I'll give it tow weeks before the mess-monkey arrives to untidy it a bit.
Hope you find your missing mojo and that he didn't get thrown away in the clear-out. Not long until mid-March and I pray for positive results and a quick recovery for your daughter.

Ann B

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab tidy up! Hope everything goes well with your daughter. Happy Wednesday to you, enjoy this week's snoop of oh so creative places & take care. Zo xx 83

Glenda said...

Wow you have been a busy girl! Looks great, but mine does too after a good cleaning. It never stays that way for very long! There are too many things I need close by! Happy WOYWW!

Debbie Rock said...

A super tidy desk just waiting to be messed up! Hope your daughter is soon back on her feet and you feel better too. Happy WOYWWing! Debbie #89

Gourdess said...

Wow.... nice and tidy work space! I wish you the best with your daughter and finding your mojo. Sneaking things that mojo - they like playing hide 'n seek with us. Warmly, Tracy #93

Neet said...

Your pictures of the tidy room were a joy to see, you must have worked so hard to get it like that.
Sadly the smile was soon wiped off my face reading about Sophie. You must be so worried. Just wish that appointment was closer. Think we need to get prayers going.
Thanks for calling to see me and thanks for putting your number, it so helps. Hugs, Neet xx #19

Lou said...

Your room looks fab, i like the spice rack! I do hope you get some answers for your daughter soon but glad she is feeling well enough to go to school sometimes, it must be awful seeing her so poorly. I hope March is a better month for you and your family. Hugs Lou x

Terrie said...

Yep, tidy and inspiring and ready to go for the next project. I always enjoy a good clean up and yours looks amazingly organized. thanks for the visit.

Linda said...

I like your tidy space, thanks for a peek. I hope your daughter feels better soon! Linda #114

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I cannot believe how long they have been messing around trying to help your poor daughter. she must be so fed up and exhausted, especially with that level of weight loss. Hope things soon improve for her and all of you. Well done with that tidy desk - it is impressive. thank you for finding the time to visit this week, and DH is making the most of his first birthday for 4 years. xx Maggie #9

kay said...

am impressed with your craft room tidy up,hope the toothache eases as know how rotten it makes you feel,happy crafting,x

Sherry said...

Yes, you really did do well, your craft room looks wonderfully neat and tidy. I love the little spice rack, I have a few myself - they're so useful!

I hope your daughter gets well soon x

Thanks for the offer of the matchbox template, but I was lucky today and managed to get a couple of small ones in a newsagents (a lot dearer than the Pound shop, but I did need them).

Take care,

Sherry - WOYWW #6

Unknown said...

Very neat and tidy. Lots to snoop too. Your mojo will come back I am sure. I sometimes look at Youtube as there is plenty there to kickstart the mojo problem. Thanks for stopping by.


Anne-marie said...

Very neat and tidy desk lots to snoop around at hopefully our mojo will come back soon
Anne-marie no 18

Angie said...

I so hope you get to the bottom of your daughters problems ...she must feel so drained.
As for mojo ...he will return ...maybe do something totally different and he will feel threatened lol I do hope March is a good month for you all. take care.xx

Belinda Basson said...

yip, mine was tidy 2 weeks ago, now it is back to normal...

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Good Luck with that Girl!!!
Will maybe I'm just thinking of myself making the same big speach to myself....
Your Craft Space Looks Beautiful!! Really!!!
Can't wait to see you next week...We'll be backkkkkkk....!

Twiglet said...

Well with such a nice tidy space your mojo is sure to return soon!! Best wishes to Sophie - hope she is on the mend soon.

fairy thoughts said...

oh come on you're not really going to keep it that tidy , are you?
Its good to do now and again. your mojo need s to get messy

VonnyK said...

Your space looks fabulous, I said I wouldn't return to mess and look at me!!
Bummer about your tooth still being a pain. Really hope they can find out what is going on with your daughter and get it fixed quickly. I have two girls and I know how terrible it must be for you. I am sending heaps of healing thoughts your way. Hope the 19th brings some good news.
Have a great week.
Von #45

Unknown said...

A spice rack for the paint bottles is a really cool idea.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Wonderful neatness..always feels good to sort thru. I wish your daughter and you some healthy times. It's a hard job to have someone ill.
Mojo will come, sometimes we need the break. Enjoy WOYWW

Samantha said...

Looks gorgeous!!! I am sure your mojo will come steam rolling back any minute. Haooy WOYWW

karen said...

I had to double check I was at the right blog, lol! That is a very neat and tidy space you have there!
And don't worry about your mojo, with everything going on in your life he probably just needs a bit of rest too.
Take care my friend!
xoxo Karen #163

Erika said...

Oh my Jude that's a far too tidy crafting room....quick get everything out and start creating.
Hope all goes well on the 19th.
Hugs Erika.

April said...

WOW you have been busy!!!! well done! I'm sure your mojo will turn up in Tim's new book :o) Hope all goes well on the 19th x

Karen said...

WOW Jude you have been busy tidying up and organising, it looks great! I hope your mojo finds its way back home to you soon.

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

Shoshi said...

Jude, sorry to hear you are suffering, and hope you'll soon be better.

Lovely tidy organised space! Beautiful! You are so organised! Mine is chaos.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just uploaded the 2nd polka dot stencil. It works really well!

Happy belated WOYWW,

Morti said...

And there was me thinking your little girl was still a "little" girl like in the photo - not a teen! Make sure she doesn't overdo it though, not that you need telling that, eh?

Now, I'm going to do the same with you as I did with Okienurse, and throw down a gauntlet to help with the missing Mojo. Go back to my blog, have another look at the bracelet/earrings, and come up with a card or a tag that would go with them if they were being sent as a gift!

There, you can take it or leave it, but a challenge may be what you need.

Sending you supportive hugs - thanks for stopping by.

SueH said...

Jude, are you sure you’re not squatting in someone else’s craft room, Lol! I don’t think I’ve ever seen at as clean and tide as that before. Mind you having said that, what’s the point of having all that craft stash if you can’t use and enjoy it.

I’m glad that you’ve finally got an appointment sorted out for Sophie and that the school seem to be a bit understanding at last ( it took them long enough) but it must still be so worrying for you to see her losing as much weight as she is. Fingers crossed they get to the bottom of it soon. (((hug)))

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Crafting!
Sue H #95

Clare with paint in her hair said...

wow that is a tidy desk, I was going to ask are you feeling ill but then read your other post and you have been haha! Hope you are better now

Angie said...

Mojo is a funny thing isn't it. The harder we look for it the more elusive it is. When I get like that, like I did yesterday, I do one of two things. I ever walk away and try again later, or I do something that I just always love doing. IT could be a simple as smearing distress inks all over my craft sheet, a few drops of blending solution and paper for wild backgrounds or maybe I just make a page of serendipity! It gets the juices going again, without having a particular project in mind, which makes it fun! Good luck with the mojo!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...your room is sooooo clean. You did a grand job! Hope your toothache is gone by now...what a pain!

Sarah said...

Fabulous - well done you. Tidy house, tidy mind works for me - enjoy that revived crafty zone! I became very ill and looked like death before I knew I had Celiacs...never felt so ill. Things do get better - a blood transfusion, new diet and iron boosters gave me my life back! Thanks for sharing your space Sarah at 1 - having a peek on Friday!

Unknown said...

It looks great! Well done on getting it so tidy!
I hope it doesn't stay like that for too long and that your mojo returns soon! :P


Mary Ann Tate said...

Sorry that your Sophie isn't feeling well. I hope March is a better month for you and you can get back to creating. Thank for visiting my blog. Take care:)

Crafting Queen said...

Lovely tidy space.

ger76 said...

Looks great please feel free to come start on mine ;D

luv Ger

Lavinia said...

OOOoo love the tidy desk! And love those Tim storage boxes too...very nice! Have you got those gilding flakes out yet? :) The Flitter Glu from Indigo Blu is really good with them, you can use it with any stamp & the results are great! Hope the tooth ache is over! Poor you its horrid! Take care & have a good week!

Maggie's Crafts said...

So well organised. :) And so tidy!

I'm running very late this week. Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog. :)