Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Day Wasted and hot happy bunny

I think fumming is the word as some of you know ,from reading blog this am my daughter went in for operation we got there at 10am as requested.Told she would go down about 1pm told the nurse what time she having premed /sedation oh they will come get consent formed soon shes first on list ,well 1pm got here and went no anesthetist!!no premed she was first on list i ,not even emla cream on hands (i didnt let on i was senior nurse came i rushes in this young anesthetist sign this she says to me ,i said when she going as needs premed/sedation oh no time for that shes going now sign...yeah right!Anyway explained why and also explained she has gastric reflux no come lets take her well she was besided herself after alot of trying upset ect .They asked my 11 year old what she wanted to do ??she was sobbing at this point and in end they said no will try get pre med and put her on end fine .Well that didnt take place as sister on ward couldnt have that as she'd then have to stay in !
Well this sister turned round said well chloe is age consent since when has an 11yearold been the mage of consent if thats so why did they not get her to sign consent????
Well this next bit i could hardly believe my ears ,nurse said no they are not doing op will see you in 4 weeks in out patients and re put you on list...sorry by this time i was livid i said no i wont i will be ringing the secretary tomorrow and explaining i didnt cancel surgery wasnt are fault we turned up,they just didnt do the job !not for the want of bugging them either about sedation....
Why should we have to go back on the opd scene then have to wait a further 6 months for her to go in have this done .Im so angry absolutely drained ,lack of sleep and nobody wants to see there daughter go through all the upset.
Well moan over so sorry just had to let you know as ive had so many well wishes ,i will be back sometime tomorrow with day 18 candy it maynot be early either ......
hope you had better day than me ...sorry jo for getting name wrong !!!
hugs judex


Jenni said...

So sorry to hear about what poor Chloe (and you) have been through today and hope it gets sorted out without her having to go back on the waiting list. Sending you both hugs.
Jenni x

Penny D. said...

Omgosh, I am soooo sorry to hear about what you and your daughter had to go thru. that is the worst thing, as a parent, to know our children are hurting or upset and we try so hard to fix it but we can't always.

I hope they get her back in soon and I hope the rest of your day goes better.

Penny D. said...

also that age of consent thing sounds WAY off... as far as I know, where we are 13 is the age of consent for family court, like for a child to say who they prefer to live with, but not for medical consent, I'm pretty sure it's 18 years old.

Cheryl said...

oh hun what gits just like i was when i was already to have op waiting all day its 18 that you have consent sure it is poor chloe bless her heart give her my love hugs cheryl xxxx

Dragonlady said...

I hope you will be writing a letter of complaint to the Health Authority. That is no way to treat a young child and worried mother. You are so right to be angry. I'm welling up just thinking about it.
I do hope your daughter isn't in any pain.
Please feel free to rant as much as you like - getting those feelings out is good.

I do hope you can get things sorted for her soon.

All the best

Hugs Ali x

- - Sheryl - - said...

so sorry for you and your daughter - they sound like they have no compassion.

Evelyn C said...

Hi hun
sorry to hear you have had such a crappy day - the wee one must be so upset too.Hope you get things sorted out when you phone in the morning x big hugs xx

dragonflyjoy said...

Oh Jude you poor love. It sounds like a day from hell for you all. I usually have problems getting on to your blog but for some unknown reason I decided to chance it tonight and am so glad I did because I saw what a dreadful time you have been through so will be thinking of you and hoping all gets sorted out and quickly. Pity you couldn't have said you were not moving from that hospital until something had been done or sorted out. Why the devil should you have to wait for months when it was their fault.

Anyway poppet, thinking of you all and hoping all goes well.

Love and hugs

Joyce xxx

Cheryl said...

Ohh Jude,
I'm so sorry to hear that!! I would complain to your doctors and everyone I could. That is so very very wrong. To put a child thru that kind of stress :( Sorry to hear your day was like that :(


Kary Sol said...

Oh Jude!!! I'm sorry....
Fasten!!! All will be good!!!
My support for you always!

craft_princess said...

Oh boy...this sounds just dreadful!! I am so sorry they put your family through all that...I would also be livid!!

Hopefully you don't have anymore days like you did today!

Best wishes!

Heather "Hev" said...

Oh poor little thing - must have been so scary for her!! I dont know about where you live but as well as complaints to the hospital I would complain to the local government minister!!

Please give your daughter a big hug from me - and one for you too!!


Nikki said...

Jude that sounds Horrible To sit and wait and to not have the Operation that's just Wrong and You have ever right to be Livid with the hospital. Any body would
Hope tommorrow is much better and you get an appointment quickly.
All the Best
hugs Nikki

Rufus said...

Ohh, you poor thing, what a horrible day! I'd be livid and screaming the walls down. It's got to be even worse for you, since as a nurse you know exactly what they SHOULD be doing. I'm also sure that 11 is way to young to be considered an age of consent! That is just a load of bull sh**. All I can hope for you is that tomorrow is better and that you can manage to get some sleep. Sending you and your daughter a hug,

jude said...

thanks so much for all your wishes what a nightmare of a day !!to say least .this morning i have phone calls to make and complaints.
thanks again to you all
hugs judex

Anonymous said...

oh my god what idiots! Gives you no faith in the system at all does it. Useless expletive words *$%&*!!!!
Get them told hun x

JulyeB said...

Hia Jude
sorry to hear about your bad day, I use to work on a day care unit and we were regularly overruning and stopping after 7 pm our close time and having children have to stay overnight was a regular weekly thing for all kinds of reasons. I would definitely ring the consultants secretary and even ask to speak to the consultant and tell them you want it doing without the outpatient palaver.. I ring my sons consultant regularly to see when his next op date will be and I'm sure it makes his name pop into their headfs when they have a cancelation. The NHS seems to have gone downhill since they brought in support workers and took nurses away from nursing and drafted them into paperwork it was far better when nurses did everything from start to finish they seemed to take more pride in their work and the patient and their family was the centre of things now the patient just seems like an incidental to the running of the nhs, its no consolation but your incident isn't uncommon and you will be far more stressed for longer than your daughter I know as have had similar episodes with my son. My son was 14 when he could sign consent although the legal age is 16 at the consultants discretion the child can sign earlier but it is actually the consultant who is taking the responsibility and the child is only signing to say they understand what the proceedure is not that they are giving consent. Was it actually a childrens hospital? cos if so that nurse sounds like she don't know what she's talking about and either doesn't have any kids herself or has been working on a different planet where sisters did nothing like in the carry on films .
Hope the phone calls go well and you and Chloe are feeling better today Julye

Queenie said...

Oh Jude arghhhhhhh what a to do,we would have yelled the place down it is ridiculous this happened and through no fault of yours and the little one has to suffer because they didnt do there job properly.
Hope you gave them a right earful!!!
Big hugs to you and yours and hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction.

Card Making Nut Jo said...

oh gosh what a day you had! Don't worry about getting my name wrong, it's not important ;) Especially when you've had so much on your mind!!